Making Love To A Dream Girl (Part Three)

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Love's so cool. When a woman loves a man, there's no place in hell that can change that.

A Good Woman's So Priceless

"Grab her hand and run with her. She’s the kind of girl every guy takes to his mum. In short, she’s your------"
"Dream girl." He finished the sentence. He smiled to himself. His heart gamboled in the meadows of his chest.

"What should a beautiful self respecting girl do around here to get a zi--" she fumbled with words.
"A zip?" Diamond jumped in. "Wouldn't a lip be a good start? Isn't a kiss renowned for opening up a guy's pouch without his hiss?"
"A sip would do," she added. "But my question was: where should a girl look in a place like this to find her dream date?"

"What? A dream date? Did I hear you right?"
"Yes you did," she replied. "Do you have an idea?"
"Don't you need a bed to lie down and dream then? I wouldn't mind taking you to bed."
"Where? Hell no." She said with a girlish chuckle. "I'm done with dreaming. It's time to live my dream."

"Well, if she herself were a dream girl, she would know a dream guy the moment she saw one. She'd sit right opposite him and stop looking. I guess she'll never know till a cool, confident and self respecting guy like me pulls out a chair for her."
"Self respecting guy? Aha. There's no guy like that. Over confident, yes. But self respecting, oh, please; tell me something I don't know."

"Girl, if you're not yet married, you only have yourself to blame." he said while pulling out a chair.
"What?" she said sitting down. "So, you must be the one."
"Of course I am. I hate negativity with passion."
"You mean I can get any guy I want but I'm just too negative to get married?"
"Don't worry. I'll change that."
"Huh! Really?"
"Girl, if you're not yet married because guys thought you're too expensive, they're useless losers. You're so beautiful. You look so good to me. A Good woman is so priceless."

Every Girl Deserves To Be Spoiled

"Oh, that sunk in well. Do you have a couple of those left? I think I can use another one."
"Baby, I do. And here you are; when a girl looks so good, when a girl looks neat and tidy, all a guy has got to do is change that."
"Yes, a good girl always makes a good catch. She'd be either trapped or tripped. When she's fallen and really soiled, she'll never forget the guy that did it to her."
"What, soiled? Hahahahaha!"
"Every girl deserves to be spoiled. Guys are messy by nature. Would spoiling a girl who has fallen for him therefore be such a difficult thing to do?"
"Hahahahaha! I like a guy who can make me laugh. You've a great sense of humour."
"I really do? Oh, thank you."

Etch Your Name On My Heart

"Amanda Bethany Debby Mary-Annie," she said extending her hand.
"Are all those your sisters? Which one is the sweetest that I should meet first? Hahahaha!"
"Fool, that's my name. Hahahaha!"

"The D! That's my name baby," he responded. "If it's a school grade, then it suits me well."
"D? Were you that bad?"
"On a happy note, I'm a girl's best friend. A diamond's forever, baby. Bear with me for not taking the initiative. I do things differently. Ladies first. That's where I always put them. "
"Oh, really? You're such a gentleman."
"Didn't I say something about self respecting? Add women respecting to that."

"I'm not like the other guys who are still in deep slumber. They take love for fun like a game. Before asking for a girl's name they ask for her number. The next time they wake up with an erection they phone her up asking for the direction to her legs."
"An erection, direction? Hahahaha."
"Please don't. With your beauty, don't tell me they never do. I'll be so disappointed."
"You'd think something's wrong with me, wouldn't you? What if they're just scared. Is there anything else that guys know better how to ask for than those directions?"
"Hahahaha. You tell me."
"All I know is that men are hopeless. Why do you think they deploy millions of troops just to deal with a single unarmed egg? What a waste?"

"Hahahaha. And in the process blame a woman for kicking and screaming in bed. Who wouldn't after being raided by such a huge army?"
"Hahahaha. Diamond, you're so crazy. Where the hell have you been? What took you so long to get into my life?"
"Girl, you're so amazing. I like your openness."
"D, your words are so therapeutic. You work on me like a charm."
"That means you belong on my arm. Come here. Perch on my arm and etch your name on my heart."

Two Hearts

"Wow! Are guys like you still alive? How many are still left?"
"Sorry to disappoint you Amanda. If this heart breaks, you can't replace it. No spares. They don't make them anymore. There's no one else out there with a golden heart like mine. That's what every girl tell me. So what are you gonna do? Drop me and break my heart or hold on to me and make me yours forever?"

"With two hearts, I must be one hell of a lucky girl then."
"You're not bothered at all, are you?"
"Bothered by what? To have a heart I can break but can't easily mend, are you? You can't be in love and still have one heart. When you find love, you have a second heart. You take good care of it; cherish it and protect it with all you got. You don't just go breaking your beloved chinaware, do you? What more with a heart?"

A Girl Loses Her Virginity In Church

"Love hurts."
"You can lose your last dollar and still be okay. But losing the love of your life is like losing a million bucks. You go crazy. Nothing can fix that damage. I'm so lucky to find you again."

"You found me again?"
"I lost you after losing my virginity in church."
"Sacrilegious Holy Ghost! Are you so religious that you had to do it in church? Did a priest rape you?"
"God is love, right? So, what would be a better place to have and share first love than in His own house?"

He went quiet. The expression on his face changed completely.
"D, are you OK?" She sounded concerned. He shook his head.
"I think you're about to lose me again," he said. "If you lost me once, you're about to lose me again. And this time for good."

"How forgetful? Didn't I say men are hopeless? Every man wants a woman to open up and unpack her past but the moment she does that he packs his bags. What happened to tolerance?"

"You lost your virginity in church. You don't seem repentant at all. You look so proud like you can do it all over again. You really loved this Priest didn't you?"
"Is that jealousy? When you love someone, nothing is out of reach. No place is out of bounds. Love's so cool. There's no place in hell that can change that. At least that's what happens when a woman loves a man. Nothing is impossible to her. "

"Who's the jerk?"
"Don't be too quick to judge."
"Who's the jerk that screwed you in church?"
"Trust me, you really don't wanna know."
"I've heard of Priests and altar boys before. So, what's the jerk's name?"
"Well, If that's how you regard yourself, towards church here we go."
"What? Me? You must be joking. I don't want my skin to burn in hell. If I had a foreskin to dip in the heat first, I might take my chances. But with this thin layer of skin, hell no. I'm not going anywhere near church with You."

"I'll never get over my first love. Little Money! Don't you ever wonder what happened to a girl that used to call you that? Don't you ever wonder what happened to the girl that you gave her first kiss? Why didn't you come looking for me? Did I really mean a thing to you?"

"Little Money," he repeated to himself. He closed his eyes. All of a sudden, a bold tabloid heading: "A Priest Faints As an Eleven Year Old Girl Loses Her Virginity In Church," came flashing back into his memory.

"Debby Glenn? Is it really you? Oh my good LORD!"



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author avatar Denise O
12th Jul 2011 (#)

Within in this conversation, you sure brought out a lot of issues, geesh! LOL
I was thinking, true all women should be treated like queens and then you have to go, it all women? Very nice read, makes ya think. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar D in The Darling
13th Jul 2011 (#)

All women are special. At least as far as I'm concerned; that is. Brace yourself for the fourth part.

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author avatar Carol
12th Jul 2011 (#)

GReat write, you certainly like to write about love

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author avatar D in The Darling
13th Jul 2011 (#)

As long as love remains the one thing that we'll do without any formal training, then I'll write about it coz it requires no formal training to express it. Lol.

I love love and writing about love!

Thanks for your love and support.

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author avatar Songbird B
12th Jul 2011 (#)

You are the smoothest talker that I know, D! lol.. Great read, I so love the twists and turns of your work...

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author avatar D in The Darling
13th Jul 2011 (#)

Songbird B,
Really? That makes me wish your were here to be charmed in person. Lol!

Thanks my friend. God bless!

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author avatar tootsieharveystories
30th Jul 2011 (#)

Interesting read...look forward to reading more...thanks for sharing...

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author avatar D in The Darling
22nd Aug 2011 (#)

There's a lot from where this came. So keep coming and you'll have more than you can handle.

Thanks for your love and support.

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