Making Love To A Dream Girl (Part Six)

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What is it that you can't do or say when you're in love? When you find that special one, then you need nothing else in life except life itself and whether asleep or awake, when you make love, you'll be making love to your dream girl.

Sleeping With A Woman

The truth is; if by sleeping with a woman a man loses his virginity, then no guy has ever been a virgin and never will there be one."
"What? "
"Every guy has slept with a woman before. Ask my mother about me. I slept with her first. She knows when I had my first erection. My granny, my sisters and all my female cousins still talk about me. I slept with them all."
"That's so sick. All of you must be sick. How can you talk about incest like that? You need professional help."
"What ? incest? No! Call me a love insect and we'll have something to agree on."
"What are you talking about? But wait a minute!"
"Well, where I come from, a child sleeps in the arms and the bosom of its caregiver. in life, nothing's sweeter and kinder than a woman. A woman's every child's a natural caregiver. Sleeping with a woman therefore doesn't always mean having sex."
"I got you!I guess that's why we're so faithful."
"You're crazy."
"Only about you."

Love's a Form of Madness

"I'm in love. I can say or do whatever I want. Can you hold me responsible for my actions when I'm around you when you know I'm so crazy about you? if I started taking my clothes off, would you be surprised at all if I let all my power hang out for you? If you asked me, I'd tell you that my mother knew; I'd grow into this kind of a powerful man."
"Yes. She always felt my power when I was safely tucked on her back. I even shot at her mouth. I made her drink my wee wee either while changing my diapers or bathing me."
"Hahahaha. Diamond, you crack me up."
"Come to think about it; how many women haven't drunk a boy's urine from the slightest touch of his stiffened little hosepipe while changing his diaper or applying baby powder? Can you question the power of the little boy's gun? That's an indication that one day, he's gonna be a bedroom sharp shooter and a rifle champion. A mother who won't see that in her little boy will certainly get worried."
"Hahahaha! Who crowned you a champion? In how many championships have you taken part so far?"

Waiting For First Encouter

He was quiet for a moment. He winked at her as she looked on with great intent.
"When I grow up I wanna be world a champion," he said. "Not a champion lover, that's what my mother told me. She said I should get married first and be the best husband ever and I shouldn't be discouraged by the number of girls that might break my heart along the way."
"Really? Why do girls break hearts then?"
"Girls just wanna have some fun. If you're a guy with a really good heart, you better get on the run or you won't know what hit you and how it all begun."
"So, what happens to a girl with a good heart?"
"If she meets a guy on the run, he'll surely take her for a ride."
"I mean a girl who's ready to settle down."
"She has to wait for her Mr. Right to come. Chasing after one will only make him run faster and further away."
"How long will that take?"
"As long as you still got a dream. And when he finally comes along, your dream will become a reality; it will be till death do us part. The thing is, keep your focus. Be yourself. No matter how long it takes, keep waiting. Good things come to those who wait, remember? You don't have to trip or strip for something that looks like him otherwise instead of living your dream you'll end up in a nightmare and your life will be a living hell. If he's not exactly the man of the qualities you want, don't even think about it. Never settle for anything less; unless you value yourself less."

"My dad was of the same sentiments. He told me; in life, no one is too ugly to fall in love. No matter how ugly you're, God has made a soul mate for you; the one who will love you for who you are and fall for your inner beauty. If you're patient enough, pain will be a thing of the ancient ages when dinosaurs and elephants dated. But how many times did your heart get broken before you wised up; If I may ask?"

"At eight, I was short, slim and featherweight but wanted to be a heavy weight champion like Muhammad Ali. Mum told me; life's all about diet. If I choose what to eat, what I lack in height I can make up in weight, but a man lies in his heart. That's where champions are made."
"Wow! But don't tell me that champions don't get a broken heart."
"I realized that the more I got involved with girls, the more they broke my heart. So, I took the safest way around it."
"Around the championship?"
"Yes. You got be strong. It's easy to meet and say goodbye. But if you're weak and you wet your wick, then your heart is in for it."
"Hahahaha. That's a funny way of describing sex. So how many women were there before me?"
"What's the point?"
"I wanna know. Don't you think I deserve to know?"
"Don't kill what you can't eat."
"What do you mean? So, you're still waiting for your first counter?"

No Man Can Be A virgin

He thought of how he could best dodge the question without giving himself away. Not finding a better way, he ended up saying; "Not really. If you wanna know, let me tell you emphatically; no man has ever been a virgin before. I have made love so many times in my life before marriage. Are you happy now?"
"To who? Are you completely over each one of them?"
"My special one. My one and only dream girl, who else could it be? That one, I swear; no matter how many times I'll marry in life, getting over her is like asking me to forget my own name."
"What? And where's she now?"
"Do I sense jealousy here? Now tell me, where's your first love?"
"Why? Don't you dare change the subject."
"I wanna know who and what I'm up against."
"They say a woman will never forget her first love. As your husband don't you think I got a reason to be worried? If I'm here to make you forget him, then I need a clue before I end up making you feel blue."
"What about a man?"
"A man is full of pride. And for that, though he might never had any intentions of making one his bride, dumping him for a better another guy, pricks his pride. A guy, will never forget the chick that once broke his heart. So, what's so special about the first guy, woman?"
"A woman wants to be loved. It doesn't mean that no one can love her more or better. In fact that's the whole point. She's so positive about getting somebody better than the first and she won't rest till she finds him. And when she does, the first love belongs to the archives. You got to visit the museum to see who it was who slept with her first and you know women and the past are not best of buddies. Archives are for men. Wouldn't you wish otherwise?"
"If men had full control over their thoughts, no man would forget his dream girl."
"What are you trying to say?"
"Look at me. Don't you understand that I'm not a virgin because I've been making love to my dream girl?"
"I think now you have to come clean, Mr."
"Well, listen very carefully because you may never hear anybody say this ever again and if men would hear that I leaked this classified information to the enemy, I'll be their waste traitor."
"I'm all ears then."
"No guy has ever been a virgin. I repeat; never. Never!Never and never will there be one! I said it before and I'm saying it again; never!"
"What? Why?"
"Every boy's sexual maturity is marked by a wet dream."
"I'm talking about a sweet wet dream here. Every guy makes sweet love to his dream girl. What a pleasure! No wonder------!"
"No wonder they're more after sex than love?"

"You said it baby. Before he embarks on treasure hunt to make his life better, he's already on pleasure hunt. Whatever disturbs him, stays on his mind longer than anything else.
"I'm sorry baby. And that's how I lost my virginity. A girl can have her first period long before her boy age mate starts to understand the tickling and itching in his pants but the boy might enjoy sex well before her. So who matures earlier? And let me be honest with you; there's no way I could forget that girl. There's a reason why she had to be the first one. I'm not like the other guys. so, I couldn't see myself with any other girl."
"Why didn't you marry her if she was that special? So, you're not different from all other men after all? Do you still remember her name though?"

Only Sleep With The One You'll Marry

He looked away and paced up and down a bit. A combination of doubt and shyness; written all over his face.
"Are you running away now?" she said. " I thought we agreed to tell each other everything about our past?"
"Why should I sleep with a woman that I won't marry?" he replied. "If I saw another pretty woman today and felt so tempted to sleep with her and gave in and slept with her, what's next? Marry her too? I'm so special, baby. I respect myself. Sleeping with many strips one of that respect. You become so valueless that nobody will ever want you. I can't do that to myself. I got to remain stingy with my body. And that's what determines how valuable a man is. A faithful man is so priceless that every woman would kill for. Luckily, you got one without firing a single shot."
"What are you telling me?"
"When I met you, I knew you're the one for me. My heart told me; no matter how long it would take, you and I, will meet again and that will be till death do us part. In life dreams come true. So, I waited for that time to come. Look what happened? Didn't I share my vows with my dream girl?"

"Diamond, what did you just say?" she sounded shocked. "You mean you were still a virgin? Isn't that a miracle? All my God! This is a bigger miracle, far much bigger than Jesus walking on water, what would you expect of a guy filled with God's holy spirit? You know what? This is even huger than Jesus rising from the dead; the Lord specialized in bringing dead people back to life. He would have been a big flop if he never rose again after a single steep slop. And after all; we've been promised that one day we'll all rise again from our lifeless rotten bones. But a well and sound handsome man like you being a virgin-----!"

"I told you I'm not. Keep your voice down. People may laugh. I don't wanna get into another fight. You may not hold me tight enough to restrain me from causing some serious damage to somebody. I wanna put my dream girl to bed. Come here nana, let me give you a sleeping tablet."
"Who needs a tablet when an injection can do it quicker?"

You're The One For Me

She giggled while reaching for his syringe. She touched exactly where his switch was. He was so turned on. He kissed her and she knew how much she missed him. He knelt between her legs. She helped him with his belt and threw every thing away as if he will never need any clothes ever again. He went for her undies and rolled it down. He got on top of her as gently as he could ever be as if he was so scared of falling down as the first time he learnt how to ride a bicycle. As he scrolled down her chest to her navel, his finger felt like a burning match. He wanted to stop but she he urged him to march on. A feat of desire overwhelmed her. He slid his hand downwards. He touched her apple. She wiggled her waist and gasped with pleasure. "I'm ready for taking," she said. "Pick up the apple now before the worm. If you're the main worm, then finish me up. There's nothing left for me. Baby, you're the one for me."

"Deb," he said in a tired voice, lazily resting his right arm on her right thigh. "I need some cold water first. Making love to a dream girl provokes first grade thirst. It's a shame how I love you." I wrote that song for you.
"You did what? Oh, you're so sweet!"
"Thanks for reminding me. But you know what? "
"What? "

AIDS Is Real

"We're HIV negative. But AIDS is real. HIV positive people face stigma and many stereotypes everyday. Yet they're people like all of us. They also need love and support like all of us. The truth is, promiscuity isn't the only way of getting it. Any one of us can be HIV positive and that's not the end of the world. You can still live a health life. That's what we need to teach each other."
"I agree with you darling."

"And for that, we need to take a minute of silence in honor of all those who have lost their lives to this scourge. May God grant them a place in paradise. May God forgive us too if at all we have done wrong by using HIV positive in a way we have done to show another positive aspect of this term as we express our love."

"Amen," she said after what she thought a minute had elapsed. He made no sound. Need another round?" He made no sound yet again. She leaned over and smiled before concluding; "I guess not. Dad was right; a man sleeps like a baby when he's satisfied. Sleep well darling. If we're true, considerate and avoid seeking Happiness in Vain, we'll give each other enough and live happily ever after. I love you with all my heart. You're the answer to each and every single prayer of mine. I promise you, every time we make love, I'll be making love to my dream guy and you'll be making love to your dream girl."

The End


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author avatar Buzz
10th May 2012 (#)

A wowie article, d friend. Very romantic. Thanks.:-)

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10th May 2012 (#)

Hi Buzz,
That's the final episode. I hope you enjoyed all of them. I forgot to write- The end. I'll do it now.

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
10th May 2012 (#)

Interesting article. Thank you for sharing and congrats for the star.

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10th May 2012 (#)

Thanks for reading and the congratulations mean so much more. God bless!

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10th May 2012 (#)

Most interesting page and a well earned star too....

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author avatar D in The Darling
11th May 2012 (#)

Most interesting article? cnwriter, do you know what you have just done to me? Oh, thanks a million!

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11th May 2012 (#)

Nice work

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13th May 2012 (#)

Thanks Don.

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author avatar Eunice Tan
14th May 2012 (#)

Superb article. And I agree with the content

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17th May 2012 (#)

Thanks Eunice. It's not every day that someone writes an article and both readers and great writers like you agree don't just like but agree with the content. It really means so much to me.

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