Make it simple to be stress free

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This time of the year is perfect to get rid of things not needed anymore, promising to have more than we really need.

Make it simple to be stress free

Chairs that lack a leg or furniture bitten by moth, excess of newspapers or other things that aren´t needed anymore. All of them will be burnt in the bonfires at St. John´s Eve.
It´s an old tradition that takes place every year at the arrival of the Summer Solstice, but wouldn´t it be a time to declutter and make more space at home?
Simple is more beautiful. This is one of my favourite phrases nowadays. Space is a luxury. This is another one.
Watching people in the streets, I see that almost all of them carry shopping bags of all sorts. Some of them will most probably contain shoes or clothes, books that more often than not will be on shelves unread and other paraphernalia. Many people suffer from this disease. Whenever they go out, they need to buy something and it´ll most probably be things that they already have, but they can´t help it when they pass by shop windows or street stalls.
Thus, they´ll find that they don´t have space at home. Bathroom shelves are overloading with all sorts of products. They have more clothes and shoes that they can wear. They´ll buy all sorts of decorations for the house and the result will be that there isn´t a free corner or wall to breath.
It is true that people that have way too many objects and furniture are the ones to suffer from stress more than those who hardly have anything, because they always think that their house is always dirty or untidy and they´re permanently cleaning or tidying away.
All of us need furniture at home -a bed to sleep, a table to eat or to do some work, chairs to sit when we´re eating and perhaps a sofa to rest, but as important as having enough furniture for our comfort, it is having space to breath. The problem is to know when we´re having enough of them or we´re having way too many.
It applies the same to clothes, books, shoes and kitchen or bathroom paraphernalia.
Make it simple as it is more beautiful.
Whether we light a St. John´s bonfire or not, this time of the year is perfect to get rid of all these objects that aren´t needed anymore, but convincing ourselves that space is also a luxury and promising not to turn our home into a antique´s shop or a shed.
Make it simple in every day living to be a lot happier and stress free.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
14th Jun 2015 (#)

Hmm, never thought of that. I should probably start taking all of the old clothes that I don't need anymore and go ahead to give them away. I do love to have things simple and compact, as you are right with space. I have a hard time finding the time to clean up and such. I will surely take this advice.


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author avatar vickylass
15th Jun 2015 (#)

Not all has to be burnt. Clothes that we don´t wear and never will again as well as books that we´ve already read, but aren´t interested in keeping can be sold. We get rid of unwanted objects and we might as well get extra cash.

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author avatar Retired
19th Jun 2015 (#)

We can live a stress free life if we are not allow ourselves to be affected by it.

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author avatar vickylass
19th Jun 2015 (#)

It´s certain lifestyle imposed upon us that will stress us out if we can´t get it.

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