Make Your Memories Memorable; Unconventional Ways to Store Your Memories!

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After much research I have found out new revolutionary ways to store your dust covered photos and memories, so that they can be enjoyed by generations to come!

Revolutionise Your Memories!

There is little literature to suggest how we can store our most treasured keepsakes and memories in anything other than a photo album! I am a very sentimental person and am sure that other budding writers on Wikinut posess hundreds of written and photographic memories from over the years.

I will offer suggestions as to how you can retrieve your own valuable pieces, and have fun constructing the past, forming a complete picture of some of the best times you have had and the ones yet to come!

Pop Art Photography

A Canvas With A Twist - If you are a colourful person, and you wish to have a standard canvas or picture of your family and friends enhanced, then 'pop art' is now an accessible, modern way of presenting your favourite photos!
Have a look online and many photographic studios and even small photographic shops now offer colourful ways to display your proudest memories!
Live life in colour as you did in the past!

Time Capsules

Whether you are young, old or middle-aged, time capsules are an incredible way to store your memories at any given point in time! The beauty with time capsules is that you can collect a variety of mediums and store such memories in one place, for free. Why not start one now? Use objects, tapes, videos, letters, memorabilia and personal items that only yourself and your loved ones would know about. Whether you explore the time capsule option with a friend, a family member or someone you truly love, I believe that time capsules need far more recognition than they are getting at the moment!
I am starting one for 2012, and trust me - time capsules are an emotional rollercoaster by which I feel you can really divulge the past whilst laying positive foundations for future memories.

An Email A Day...

Use technology to your advantage, as an invaluable keepsake! I have seen an advert that was truly inspiring - a father who wrote an email to his young daughter every day, unbeknown to her, until she was 21. He created an account for her and attached photos and videos to certain writings. You could even write an email for a loved one once a week, once a month, or once a year, summarising prevailing memories (even if they seem a little silly at the time!). Then, on a momentous event (a wedding, a birthday etc) reveal the little secret that, I believe, is one of the most incredible modern presents you could give to anyone!

Pinpoint An Event, and Press Record!

If none of the above appeal to you, why not try this - I am sure it will not disappoint! Pinpoint a generic event that exists every year - such as a birthday, New Years Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter, Thanksgiving or an Annual Meet-Up with family and / or friends. Set up your camera in the same exact spot every year and film for 5 minutes or 5 hours. After a few years of doing this, compile a slideshow or a presentation of the best bits, and see how everyone changes and is growing up.

This natural way of keeping memories can start today and will guarantee to last a lifetime!


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author avatar simplyoj
7th Jan 2012 (#)

Nice idea Olivia. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar XX=MAD_MAX=XX
7th Jan 2012 (#)

thanks for the tip olivia. ^_^ i will tell my classmates about this page. this would come in handy.

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author avatar Ankita Michael
7th Jan 2012 (#)

Great ideas..!.Thanks for sharing..:)

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author avatar Buzz
7th Jan 2012 (#)

Beautiful article from a beautiful author.

Pleased to meet you, Olivia.

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author avatar LOVERME
26th Jan 2012 (#)

if ever i was to follow you everyone will have to recall the kicks they gave me all wish johnny well

heard your knees..
knocked you down ,,
made me sad
a very bad ...
friend ...
I saw you kick me,
but twas only my fault ,
you know as always it will be,
for i adore you ,
as a poet true
on the top wrung of the ladder ..
i can't climb since birth ,
i'm blind ,
no not in my eye
but my hands don't fly
sky high...
and that's all ican't see

YOUNG At heart

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