Magic Surrounds Us It Is Called Love

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Magic surrounds us in the form of love and hate. That is why we have both White Magic and Black Magic. It is our power to bring it forward and make use of the good magic. I have felt the true White Magic in the love my Granddaughter and I have for each other. I have felt the Black Magic in the turmoil of life's pain with our separation because of others.

Magic Surrounds US

I believe in magic both White Magic and Black Magic. You can only look around you and find signs of magic at work. The beautiful flowers, loving kind animals, and people who show you kindness just from meeting you and liking who you because of your personality are all signs of White Magic. The endless days and long summer nights are beautiful signs of White Magic. While this is, signs of White Magic a person can also see evil abound, greed, mayhem, and people hurting their loved ones, which is Black Magic.

Magic from Long Ago and Far Away

It is true long ago and far away in a small town known as Bethlehem three “Magi’s” traveled a long distance so it was said to bring wealth to our Lord and Savior. These three men made a point to travel through the land of Herod so he would be made aware of the birth of the upcoming king. They did leave and go another way to prevent him from killing Jesus. In truth, these men were Magicians who appeared from nowhere and disappeared into the dark of night. They could have traveled with Joseph and Mary but that was not their design upon earth. I believe that they were sent from God to provide for Jesus and his earthly family. This was indeed part of the Magic that happened that night over two thousand years ago.

White Magic Today

Today we have covens that practice White Magic that help those who are seeking love, affection, mean to survive, or just to keep the enemy at bay. I believe that this can be done when you believe in your heart. When a child is born and placed in your arms no matter if you are the parent or grandparent the love that grows is deep and strong. This is White Magic in a sense that no one can destroy or take away. The love that grows is very strong and cannot be destroyed by those who are evil doers. The magic keeps the two together forever in this life and I believe will pass into the next life. When a person is being harmed or is in need, they usually pray to their God and get answers. The results received are because of the person’s belief and are White Magic. God in whatever form can provide love, assistance, and comfort which in itself is a form of magic.

Black Magic Long Ago

Just as we believe in White Magic and/or Prayers there are those who create Black Magic. Magic often comes from within someone and it can be good magic or it can be evil magic. Long ago, and far away people believed in witches. They would go to the witch and ask her to cast a spell on someone to make misfortune come to him or her. This evil thing would happen because of the evil within the person who wanted to cast the spell. A person might grow a long nose, get warts, or even worse lose their business and friends. Sometimes the person would even suffer death in the family because of the evil spell that was cast on them. If you believe on Jesus then you must also recognize the power of Satan. Job was in truth an example of the power of Satan. God empowered Satan to cause Job all sorts of trouble even to losing his whole family and not all that he had but Satan could take his life. This is an example of Black Magic set forth by the Devil. In the end because of Jobs belief in God, he was set free from the power of the Black Magic and once again reined with family and wealth.

Black Magic Today

Today evil lurks around every corner and humankind no longer needs to find a witch to cast spells on one another. The Black Magic today is found deep within man and he is able to turn it lose by his evil words, thoughts, and actions. We as humans have the ability to hurt one another and cause pain to each other. We may cause physical pain by torture or other means. We can cause emotional pain by lying to family members in order to get our own way. When we lie and cause family members to breakup, small children to suffer, in order to gain money, or hurt someone because they disturbed our wealth then in the end we are dammed and will end up going to hell. Not all the money in the world, property, or other means to sustain us is worth causing our daughters, sons, grandchildren, and other family member’s grief. When we utilize our family in order to obtain monumental things in the end, we lose our humanity.
God said if we gain the whole world and lose our soul what have we gained. Lay not your treasures upon the earth but work to gain a home in paradise. When the greedy lay upon their beds of wealth, they soon find that it is all gone. Worse, they become hard-hearted and forget the value of family and friends. They soon are no longer surrounded by their children who detest being in their presents. The children usually only want them around for what gifts they can get. On a daily basis, they live alone with no one to care for him or her because their dark magic that is inside turns away the light or love of others. Grandchildren really do not love them and never will. Black Magic or Dark Magic grows strongly today inside men and women just like mold and mildew at a quick pace leaving behind destruction. Those who are afflicted usually end up on a sick bed just like Job losing their wealth, family, and friends. The path back to righteousness is hard to find once the light has gone out.

Best Magic of All is Love

In truth, the Best Magic known is love. Love conquers all because when you see the love of a child towards you then your heart melts away. I can only believe that when Mary held her baby Jesus her face must have had a glow. When a mother or grandmother holds her baby, today it is witness to the Best Magic. You can take that child away but the magic of love will stay with the child and those that the child loved forever. The love a couple has for each other is very precious but unfortunately it can wan if the couple does not work on it. The greed and hatefulness of others like a father, mother, sister, brother, can cause harm in a marriage if the couple allows this to happen. The purest of Magic lies I believe in the love a child has because of the innocents and true feelings. My favorite story over the years was always Heidi because this little girl loved her grandfather so dearly and the grandfather loved her in like manner. This was true White Magic between a child and the grandparent. I believe in this for me and my granddaughter who I have loved from birth. Whenever I see her, the love is there and it will always be there between us no matter who takes her away in heart and soul we are bound by true White Magic.

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author avatar Oscar Crawford Media
22nd Jun 2013 (#)

Like you, I magic the love!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
22nd Jun 2013 (#)

me too love the magic...

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Jun 2013 (#)

While I prefer to say I don't believe in this Black Magic and White Magic theory, it does exist in various religious acclamations of lesser known identification. They have their pros and cons and would prefer staying away from the connotation as the greatest and most magical experience of life comes from the Embodiment of Love wherein we are all elements of Love, By Love and For Love and believe that the Creator is Love and also Law wherein we are bound by morals and discipline that makes us who and what we are.
We also have the facts restored in the Bible wherein the First Testament is all about what is and has been while the Second Testament is the reinforcement of theories with substantial manifestation and allusions termed as Biblical references and features wherein everyone of those principles categorized in the Old testament are made known through parabalistic enforcements that bring about the reiteration of the morals and discipline therein.

Exchange of Magic is part of Cultural differentiation and by no way as powerful as the magic of love and the Embodiment of this very magnetic being that there is. Its all part of Planet Earth and the Creator and none can change this as we are only renting their place for the short period that we are here to complete life's purposes which means magic doesn't feature as part of the wholeness and being of life thereby attaining redundancy.

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