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When I think of India, what strikes me most is the huge change in mindset that we are currently experiencing and undergoing through.

Brand India!

When I think of India, what strikes me most is the huge change in mindset that we are currently experiencing and undergoing through. No please, this Review is not about Patriotism or major industrial and sectoral changes that are rapidly sweeping across India! I do not wish to write about those aspects! Do not misunderstand me! I am as much a patriot as any other Indian! However, my predecessors have already gone through these aspects in detail, perhaps much better than I could have dealt or dwelt on them! They have done a pretty swell job!

I only wish to bring to the notice of my fellow Indians a minor but vital change that is having major repercussions throughout India, and more importantly, throughout the World! I am very much aware that once I share and discuss my thoughts with you, you will, in all probability, agree. The aspect is an obvious and apparent one; however, it is not immediately visible, but nonetheless, we are all noticing it every moment henceforth in our lives!

Succinctly put, it is the rise of the Brand that is India! The Made in India brand is definitely not new. However, in the past, it has been mostly used in a humorous and satirical sense! The most common example would be the joke that the people of different nationalities would lend their skills and expertise in designing, fabricating and producing a product, while an Indian would simply confiscate the credit by stamping it ’’Made in India’’! (Well, even then, underlying the joke was the reverse pun on the people who cracked the joke that we are far more intelligent, though, it looked more opportunistic than intelligent ;-)

But no more! We have now come full-circle! And the Made in India brand is no longer a subject of satire or cheap jokes! It is now used in a very serious sense, and with a lot of respect attached to it in the political power centres of the world, and in MNC board rooms and out!

And the huge change in mindset that I had talked about at the outset of this article?

Well! India - A nation of 1 billion people, and growing! Countrymen! Roll that on your tongues a couple of times and listen to it through your ears! How do you feel?

A decade back, that concept was seen as a disaster waiting to happen! Population Explosion! Ruin of the economy, and what not! Nothing +ve, and everything –ve about it!

We have now travelled far, the distance measured not in years, but by the immense attitudinal changes that are now firmly imprinted in our minds! We now no longer see India as a nation with a bloated population; instead, it is a huge man power resource, perhaps the largest in the world, and rivaled only by China. We have not even started tapping it! What we have utilised so far is only the tip of the ice-berg! And the world is waking up rapidly to this vast opportunity!

Indians - Feel Proud! Your time has come!


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1st Aug 2010 (#)

Nicely written. Very elaborate piece. Looks like you have done lot of reading and research! Thanks.

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