Love Is Only Hate With A Twist

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Some people think that once a relationship ends you can sever all ties. What about those that love and lose, but have to remain in each others' lives because of the children? Dealing with the ex you can't get rid of is hell!!

This Isn't A Rant!

If you've ever been in love or thought it was love, then you should know that there is a thin line between love and hate. I don't want this article to become a bitter rant about a love gone wrong because it's more than just that. It's quite easy to hate the person you claim to love, but it's damn near impossible to love someone you hate. Of course it's possible with the help of God, but there are times when you don't want to seek God on a love that's grown to bitterness. Bitterness is evil, and God wants nothing to do with it.

I Couldn't Do That, But..

I don't want to hate him, but the more he breathes the more I want him to stop breathing! It's not a good feeling to have when you get to the point where someone's demise might bring you peace. God forgive me, but I have thought about it and thought about it, and thought about it some more. What joy it would be to just choke the living crap out of him, but not to the point of death! The joy would be in watching him suffer, but that doesn't last long. Then comes the remorse, and then the thoughts of going to prison, or being executed or more humanely termed--put to death. Is it all worth it? Do I really want to kill someone that much? If the answer to that question were "yes" do you think I'd be writing about it? It's like with O.J. Simpson when he wrote the book, If I Did It .. He claims to be innocent of murder, but writes a book about how he would have done it, if he had done it. Maybe that's not a good analogy because we all know (should know) that he really did do it.

Since I'm Thinking About It ...

I must move away from the murderous part of the rant I'm on before I'm taken too seriously. But seriously..(?) --the thought of killing your ex is prevalent in anyone's mind that has been mistreated by this person. In my case, it's my child's father. Yes, a child is involved so I can't really get rid of this person. The arguments and the rage and pain and hurt and stress, bitterness, betrayal, etc. all come together at one time and you just want to scream bloody murder. The custody and visitation and the courts, etc. I'm so sick of it all!! I'm at the point where I'm thinking that I had to be going through a mental breakdown to have fallen in love with this individual. How could I have loved someone that has taken me through the mud in court? A man that refuses to pay child support because he doesn't see why I need it. He even told a judge he shouldn't have to pay it. Oh yes, he said it. I have a child with an idiot! I plead insanity.

Yeah, This Is A Rant!

When I say it is very wise to know who you are in a relationship with, that's an understatement. You may think he's the sweetest thing since frosted cake, but that cake can go stale. OK, this is a bitter rant. Men are men and women are stupid to accept that. I was stupid to think the love of my life would never leave me or treat me like a red headed step-child. Even if you believe in every fiber of your being that this person is the right one, those feelings can betray you. He would bring out the best in me when we were together, and now the worse since we aren't. He probably feels the same about me. When it gets to the point of hatred, couples should call it quits and go their separate ways. It's not that simple when children are involved. I'm not happy that this man is still in my life, but I don't have a choice (not one that doesn't involve the death penalty) in the matter. Be careful of whom you decide to have a family with because it's a decision that lasts a lifetime. In the beginning it's grand, but later love just becomes hate with a twist.


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