Louisiana Bayou Life

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The bayou is a wide area that still remains a mystery to most of America.

Louisiana Bayou Life

In the most southern reaches of Louisiana, there lives a most unique part of America called the bayou. The bayou is the home for quite a few people as well as a wide variety of wildlife. Bayou life makes its own special history and culture. The bayou is a wide area that still remains a mystery to most of America. These braided streams of water feed the Mississippi River and other low, flat lying areas in Southern Louisiana. Bayou country is like no other place found on earth and this is what sets Louisiana apart from the rest. It is just like a whole different country. The people, history, culture and cuisine is known to be unique to the rest of the world. If you have never been to visit Louisiana, then when you come you will not want to leave and if you do leave, then you will definitely be back again.

Alligator, crawfish, and catfish make their home in the bayou. These creatures are popular bayou foods for people who live near and far. The bayou culture was created with much diversity. Spanish, Italian, African, German, Cajun French, and Native Americans all make up the unique bayou culture. It is a cultures that draws the attention of the curious all over the world. Some bayous cannot be visited by road, but only by boats. These are the ones most isolated. The way of life for bayou people is quite unusual making them even more unique to the eyes of the world.

Catastrophic events like hurricanes whip of these low, flat lying areas and the people who live there. It happens time and time again and this is what makes a strong people of the bayou land. Whole bayou communities are like family caring for each other. Wind damage and storm surges rip villages apart and tear at the hearts of the hard working people of the bayou land. Once destroyed, the people come together to rebuild and preserve time and time again. It is a part of their life they are getting very use to. Bayou people in Louisiana live according to their own beliefs. Bayou life continues to thrive, but only at its own pace.
Louisiana wetlands date back 3,500 years. Fresh and brackish waters and salt marshes play a very important role in the ecosystem and environment. It is a land that offers so much natural beauty through all the suffering it endures, especially erosion. Some bayous are drowning and becoming part of the Gulf of Mexico. The people will soon be lost without their land and many of them refuse to move on and endure suffering much the same as the land washing away. It is very hard to let go of something you love. Catastrophes happen all over the world, but some people show no emotion about the bayou being wiped off the map and that is based upon their beliefs that people should not live in the marshes or bayou country. God made a big world and he also made it possible for life to thrive in the bayou.

You have to view its beauty, live there, work there, laugh and cry there to really appreciate it. Most bayou people live and die there. It is because they are a strong people who love their home. This Cajun life of people in bayou country is remarkable because the people stick to their ways of life and express a deep love for the bayou water that surrounds them.


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Oh for sure an entirely different lifestyle than one most of us would ever pick to have.

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Thanks for reading, editing and enjoying my article.

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