Looking At My Life In All Directions

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I just had another review of my life during my sleep last night. I saw the good, the evil, the sin, and some of the right things that was done. All of it has made me to be ever so thankful to the LORD for saving me. God is good all the time and in every circumstance of life God is good.

Looking At My Life In All Directions

I have just had another review of my life over night. Some of my family members, friends, and loved ones and the days from whence I came. Those were days and times of innocence, not so innocence, and days of intelligence and yes, some ignorance. All my days were full and plenty. All that I am now, I can see how it came to be. Even in the time of my sinful foolish living and my being a "prodigal son" so to speak, for so I was, I am more thankful to God today than I have ever been in my life.
Having confessed all of that and having reviewed it again, I wonder deep in my heart, to what extent have I hurt those that I took from wrongfully and made things better to those that I gave to cheerfully. I wonder if there was a balance that makes life worthwhile.

Every time I hear or read of someone I used to know or someone that I have known recently that have now passed from these earthly mundane shores, I pause and think now and try to recall if by knowing me, did it help them in a positive or negative way? Did knowing me have anything to do with the way that they lived their lives? Then I turn to the Lord and tell him I hope that They were blessed just for having known me.

Life, as I have come to see it, in all directions, has it's video and audio built in it too. I can hear the voices and see the faces that I known down through the years. It is almost like I am having a conversation with them now. Their voices are the same even though I know their physical appearances changed through the years, but they are still the same. I can still imagine having a talk or a laugh with them. They are my family, friends and loved oh so dear. Many of them are gone from this life ,but, I am still in this land of the living and the dying.
The bottom line now is the fact that each day carries a great number of people out of here by an untold and unknown number. In every Town, City, State, and in every country in this world, every day and night, thousands, millions of people leave this earth, and never to return or walk this earth again. But we who remain thus far, have their cherished memory embedded in our minds and our hearts. In every way that we view and review it, there is the good and the bad, the positives, the negatives, the sin, and the right. That is, until we too come to our last moment of our life here. Have you ever thought about it. It surely comes to us all.
All of it has made me to be ever so thankful to the LORD for saving me. God is good all the time and in every circumstance of life God is good.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
23rd Jun 2014 (#)

This is just lovely johnbee.
God bless you
Stella >I<

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author avatar johnbee
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Thank you for the comment and have a good day!

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