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The Way of the Cross is special prayerful devotion made during the season of Lent. It is a meditation on the passion of Christ, walking with him from the court of Pontius Pilate to the climax of the crucifixion on Calvary hill to the tomb where he was laid after his death. If you wish, you can walk this path with me.

God so loved the world....

1. Jesus is condemned to die. My many sins him crucify. Though Pontius Pilate is convinced of Jesus’ innocence he condemns him to death. How many times I am unjustly criticized or punished. How do I react? Do I think of revenge? Jesus, help me be like you in thoughts and actions.
2. Jesus bears the heavy cross. He makes good my grief and loss. A heavy wood is laid on Jesus’ shoulders. He is made to carry it to Calvary hill. I have laid crosses on other’s shoulders often. Jesus, you are carrying my sins on your shoulders. Forgive me.
3. Jesus falls in blood and toil. My sins push him to the soil. Jesus has not had any food since last evening. Under the weight of the cross and the cruelty of the soldiers Jesus falls down. Jesus, I have fallen often from your path, strengthen me.
4. Son and mother meet in pain. May their grief bring me gain. Mary and Jesus meet on the way. What sharp anguish may have torn them both! I have caused pain to my parents often by my disobedience and disrespect. Help me value their love.
5. Simon helps to bear the load. Hold me steady along your road. Jesus has grown extremely weak. Soldiers are afraid that he might die on the way. They compel a passer- by, Simon of Cyrene, to carry Jesus’ cross. There are many in the world, who need my help. Jesus, use me to help them.
6. On a cloth he prints his face. In my soul your image trace. Jesus’ face is covered with blood and sweat. A kind and courageous woman wipes his face with her handkerchief. Often I fail to express my love for Jesus in a crowd. Jesus, strengthen my love for you.
7. Struck to earth again by me. Help me rise to follow thee. Jesus is exhausted. He falls down again on the way to Calvary. I fall in sins again and again. Instead of taking your help I justify my sins. Jesus, I repent for my sins, forgive and help me rise up.
8. Weep for yourself and children dear. Jesus, make my grief sincere. Seeing Jesus suffering so immensely, some women of Jerusalem begin to wail and weep. Jesus says to them, “Weep not for me, weep for yourselves and your children.” Jesus, give me the grace of true repentance.
9. Thrice he falls weary and worn. For my sins wounded and torn. Soldiers are lashing and pushing Jesus to the place of his death. They wish to get it done as soon as possible. Jesus falls again on the ground. Oh Jesus, help me that I may avoid all places of spiritual dangers.
10. Stripping Christ they tear his skin. Help me tear my flesh from sin. Jesus is stripped of his garment. The cloth was stuck to the wounds caused by lashes, so the wound s begin to bleed again. My sins of flesh have stripped the holy Savior. He suffered this degradation for me. Jesus, my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Help me keep it clean and pure.
11. In his hands they drive the nail. Hold me so that I may not fail. Those cruel men drive nails on Jesus’ hands and feet. No words can describe the pain the Lord suffers. I have created many nails for others and crucified many with my word and actions. Jesus, I hold your cross. Let your graces be with me always.
12. Jesus dies and gives his all. Help me live a disciple’s call. After suffering long physical and mental pain Jesus breathes his last. “God so loved the world that he gave up his only son that whosoever believes in him may not perish but may have life everlasting.” How many times I have forgotten your love and doubted you. I believe in you Jesus, help my unbelief. I surrender my whole life to you.
13. Mary as you receive your son. Take me too when life is done. Jesus’ body was lowered from the cross and laid in the lap of Mary. Many were the swords that have pierced the mother’s heart. Mother Mary, your son has shed his blood and given his life for me. Receive me too when I come to the end of the journey of my life.
14. Died and buried in the earth. That I may rise in new rebirth. He was born in a stable. He had no house of his own. And now he is buried in someone else’s tomb. He emptied himself completely for me. Selfishness and greed have made their dwelling in me. Jesus Lord, help me die to my sins and rise with you again in resurrected life.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
18th Mar 2013 (#)

Excellent throughout Xavier. What a Saviour !!.
God bless you for this word . Have a Happy Easter .

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author avatar Xavier Bage
18th Mar 2013 (#)

Thanks Stella. Keep shining.

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