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Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that applies color, texture, and protection to the lips.


Lipstick has been around for approximately 5000 years, as it's the quickest way to put on an instant splash of color and it gives focus to your face. Sheer lipsticks are usually more universal than an opaque lipstick and are a bit more flattering as they let your own lip color to be seen underneath. They don't last as long as other formulas, although they can be very moisturizing and easy to use.

Shimmer lipsticks last for longer than sheer lipsticks and are flattering for any age, unlike the shimmery eye shadows and blushes. Because of the light reflecting qualities, you can expect your lips to look fuller but be very careful because shimmer formulations look grim on dry or chapped lips. Deciding on the appropriate lipstick for you can be a challenging process to do when you are coming into a cosmetic retailer. There are a whole lot of variant of color and method which is created for lipstick. Make confident lipstick you will use is ideal with your outfits and efficiency. Also you can decide upon lipsticks that adequately match with your personality. You can apply shiny color of lipstick at night time and soft shade in a day. If you use a major make up, a light lipstick will be suitable for you.In addition, you really should also appropriately establish your eyes and hair colour with your lipstick . Although it is not the powerful determinant, but some eyes coloration will be only suitable with certain colour of lipstick. These kinds of as Brown eyes are most acceptable for red lipstick, brown, and pink.

Color Guidelines:

For those with a fair complexion you will find that a little color will go a long way. Bold, bright colors will look too messy so stick to nudes, beige tones, light corals and light pinks. Sheer finishes are usually the most flattering here. Reds, especially those with golden undertones instead of blue, are best suited for people with whitish complexions. Also, pink shimmers can be a compliment, with both color schemes working well in almost any finish.The most complimentary colors to use if your complexion is darker are the rich, deep shades such as burgundy, chocolate or plum.

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