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In this page, I relate my life to a book. I express what I've been through which represents the content of a book. I also mention "characters" involved in my life at the moment.


Life is like a book. Everyone has their own story. In my book: the cover is how people see me, the content represents all that’s happened, the chapters symbolize each year and the characters signify my friends and family.


I begin by telling you a quick outline of the main character in this book of life, me, Alex Harvey. My full name is Alexandra but I am known as Alex which I even managed to get it printed on my name badge on my school blazer. I love to laugh and joke around as you may well know. I am originally from Cape Town, but moved to Port Elizabeth 5 years ago which was not my choice. I have two sisters; they are both at this school. I like being in the company of people but I also need time by myself. Most of my friends know me as the least affectionate person ever. And although I haven’t had the opportunity to travel the world yet, I know it’s something I’d love to do in the future, unwritten pages of my life book.

As I summarise the rest of the characters in my book of life: my family include my mom, dad, sisters and my 83 year old gran. Then there are my wonderful friends who are the ones that make my days at school worth it. But overall, the character that has inspired me the most in my book of life has definitely got to be my mom, who has remained strong through the toughest of times.
My book was started on the 25th may 1996, when a rather chubby baby named Alexandra entered the world. The first few chapters demonstrating the toddler years of my life were fairly normal. But this normality changed in 5th chapter of my book when the plot took an unexpected turn on the 24th November 2001. My hero, my idol, my beloved dad died in a motorbike accident. The next few chapters were tough, with financial problems, me struggling at school and my mom’s near death experience due to pneumonia just a few weeks after the accident.

Fortunately, things started to look up from chapter 9 as a new character appeared in my book. This character is an inspirational man named Darrell Harvey. He not only married my mom, but he also willingly adopted us 3, hence my surname. Then the setting of my book changed as I moved to Port Elizabeth and attended Woodridge for the following 3 years. I loved the school, the people and the environment but unfortunately my parents’ bank accounts didn’t love the school fees. I was heartbroken to find out that I had to move schools yet again, especially after finally settling down. Chapter 15 is the year that I moved to Collegiate, also known as the year my prison sentence began in contrast to the freedom of Woodridge College. But I always tell myself if I have already survived two years here, I will be able to survive two more.


As I continue to write my 17th chapter in my book of life, I am grateful for the previous 16 which have impacted and influenced my strong-willed character. I also look forward to the future ones filled with travel, experience and lots of adventure.


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One day I wish to write about all my travels and exploration of this beautiful earth I am yet to do, but for now I will write about everything else I know.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Feb 2013 (#)

Eventful, also, sad chapters but they will stand you in good stead in the years to come. Wish you best of luck as you write further chapters - siva

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