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Small children love to help their mother in the kitchen. A mother can use this desire to develop many talents and abilities in her child.

Kitchen is a class room.

Whenever I am busy in the kitchen, my 7 year old son comes to me and asks, "Mummy, can I help you?"; "Can I clean the vegetables?"; Can we bake cookies?". Realy I find it a very big disterbance. Whenever he starts to help me in the kitchen, he spills milk or water on the kitchen table; dirtied his T shirt or body with flour or any sauce. I need much time to work with him and clean the kitchen. Actually I don't want my son to help me in the kitchen but, I never say 'No.' because I know the value of kitchen and cooking. In my account kitchen is a great school and labouratory for children.

What are the benefits

1. Children learn about : colours. ( Tomato is red; banana is yellow...)
tastes. ( Sugar is sweet...)
different kinds of smells.
shapes ( round, oval...)

2. Children come to know what is: warm, , cold, soft, hard

3. Whenever they work with rolling pin, spoon, or finger their hand muscles are being
trained for works.

4. They get the possitive attitude of cleaning the kitchen after the work.

5. They get self esteem after cooking. They get chance to proudly say, "I made it." or
"I cooked it."

6. Mainly children love to eat their self made meals.

When can you allow your child in the kitchen.

After six month of age a child starts to sit. I hope you buy a high chair for your child in this period. You can keep this high chair in the kitchen when you are there. Actually at this early stage they don' t try to help you. but you can speak to them about meals, vegetables and fruits. You can give plastic cups and spoons to play with. After one year of age you can let your child to taste different kind of eatables, while cooking. You can let your child to touch the eatables.

Be careful!

The kitchen contains many hazardous things in it (oven, hot plate, knife, detergent etc.).
So never let your child alone in the kitchen. Never let your child work with hot plate or oven when they are on, though you are also in the kitchen.


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author avatar Anuradha
22nd Jun 2010 (#)

Really very useful article. My daughter loves helping in the kitchen.

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author avatar wonder
4th Jul 2010 (#)

This builds self confidence.

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