Let's Encourage Children to Read

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Reading is a very important skill we must seek by various means to encourage since early childhood

Let's Encourage Children to Read

Colorin Colorado is a website with the goal of inspiring parents, students and teacher of English as a Second Language. In one of the articles, they encourage parents and students of ESL to Start a Library at Home. They believe that “Just as English-speaking parents can read books with their children in Spanish, Spanish-speaking parents can read books with their children in Spanish.”
In case parents won’t feel comfortable reading in any language, the article says: “…reading with their children introduce them to children’s books and model different ways they can read together.”
I really believe Colorin Colorado is on target in these matters. Great readers and great writers in every field of endeavor, attribute to a long standing tradition of their own parents’ reading to them when they were very young. I would think that even toddlers will benefit by the presence of a library –no matter how small.
Children learn by imitation, by repetition and by saturating their minds with good values. Reading is a value in itself. Reading specifically nourishes the souls and the brains of these youngsters, and are said to establish a growth in their neurons and synapses, reaching a point in which they can relate and learn from the issues, themes and characters of the books. This kind of learning, when provided from parent to children is so powerful that can redirect the youngsters’ aspirations and tip the balance of their lives to far better outcomes.
Colorin Colorado also includes in the aforementioned article: “There are probably many ways that parents can offer direct homework help, whether it’s teaching numbers and letters, practicing reading, or helping with projects.” It also encourages “parents to keep abreast of your classroom activities and homework, and point out specific ways that they can help out from home.”
Even Hispanic families that find it difficult to deal with books, will find an enriching experience in the following counsel of Colorin Colorado: “In Hispanic families, oral storytelling is often more of a natural activity than reading a bedtime story together. By telling stories, parents are developing their children’s vocabularies and oral language skills. Parents can also encourage to add (new elements) to stories or make up their own.”
In the event that parents won’t be able to participate in any of the above, the article counsels to “read” wordless picture books, because they “tell stories…” And they continue: “This can be a fun way for parents and children to sit down together with books and talk about stories.”
I believe that helping parents are an invaluable and irreplaceable resource for their children. The linkage between students and their parents gets strengthened through this kind of interactions, and the results are not farfetched or deep in the future. Because, when a teacher counts with the help of parents is when miracles happen. These miracles will not be just Movie material, or the source of great song lyrics, but actual flesh and blood successes that can and will happen in real life, if parents and teacher and students join forces in regards to educational matters.


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20th Apr 2012 (#)

As elders, we have to do this

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1st May 2012 (#)

Thank you Sarosh for your kind comment.

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