LESSONs we MUST learn from EASTER

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The article is on the life plight and tribulations of Jesus Christ. Which everyone must learn from

LESSONs we MUST learn from EASTER

Easter: In christian injunction, it is a festival that is done in honour and remembrance of THE LORD JESUS Christ.

It is centred on the life , time and most especially the "dark" PERIOD Jesus had when on earth,which must serve as a yard stick for any christian experiences in the race of life. According to biblical Archaeologist and Scholars, the incident takes place some 2014 A.D , though the memory keep ringing in our mind as if it happens yesterday or we were there when the incident took place.

What are the LESSONs of EASTER?

In the first place, when we take critical look about how the incident went, as RECORDED in the HOLY BIBLE in MATT 27v1-END. But when we look at MATT 24v1-13. It signals to US that we must be watchful, as their is no one who can tell when Jesus will come back-NOT even the fortune teller. When we look at that CHAPTER 25v13 it says ". Watch therefore, for you know neither the day, nor the hour, when in the SON of MAN comes ". NKJV (easy read version).

TRIBULATION should be of JOY to US: If we analyse the whole story thoroughly,it is clear that tribulations is already for told by our LORD Jesus Christ, to come in our way but HE never forget to told US that " IN THE WORLD YOU SHALL SEE TRIBULATION, BUT BE OF GOOD CHEER,FOR I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLd". Also to us HE said " THE WORLD WILL HATE YOU, FOR THEY HAVE HATE ME, BEFORE YOU" in the light of these, it assure US that we must know that our redeemer LIVETH in any situation we may find our self, we should not waste the opportunity the situation is holding, the opportunity it hold it that:
It pushes us to PRAY (always) and not to CRY,
To meditate in the WORD of GOD rather that (unnecessary) murmuring.
Also,it teaches to be CALM in bad situations instead of been CURIOUS, Self-control instead of LOOSE temper, kindness instead of wickedness, BRIDLE one's tongue INSTEAD of BAD-WORDs , just behaviour instead of WAYWORD MANNERs.

Moreover, it lessons US to count (whatever we have or we ARE) worthless and not a subject for BOOST(Proud) : from the true situation of the account of the incident it is CLEAR that Jesus has ALL authority,power, honour, AND all things instrument of POWER HUMAN BEING may ever wish to have. But instead, to do as HE is UP to, HE never try to show (ANY) in His possessions-just for him to accomplish his mission. So for ANYONE to fulfil his or her destiny we should emulate Him and count our self WORTLESS and humble our PERSONALITY before Him.

ALSO, we should ALSO LIVE our life for others, the most important of ALL is this ONE. The literal meaning of which is " L O V E ", So we should live a life of OTHERS'. The explanation here is more than what I can express, because it is like trying to explain who GOD is, because the bible says, " GOD is LOVE " so it simply means we should put our partners' first, " we should DO to PEOPLE HOW WE WANT THEM TO DO TO US "
And fulfil what is said in llKOR 13v4 ,14v1-9 , GAL 5v22-END , and " LOVE the LORD thy GOD with ALL thy HEART and SOUL, and the second which is like it, Love your neighbour as thy SELF. At the end of ALL MATT 6v33 must be our WATCHWARD in all DAY


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