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This article is to help students who are excessively stressed during examinations.


Do you consider examinations and tests as a burden? A pain in the neck? Have you always complained about having to write these stressful exams all your life? Here are some simple tactics to make your burden a little light!
There are just three things you could achieve for any test- you could top or stay somewhere in the middle or flunk! Get it in into your brains that you are not given your ranks in a test remark, but you choose to get them!
Are you a topper who is stressed out always?
If You have always wanted to excel in life and the very thought of getting a lower grade in class and facing your parents and your classmates haunts you, then your stress level is high. You may need to work on yourself to be more balanced. Firstly, make it a point to study well in advance before the examination and only do the brush ups on the last day instead of sitting up late night and burning the mid-night oil. It is true no matter how much you study, there is a lot of stress at the point of an examination but, studying earlier gives you a better confidence to face it. If you are still stressed out focus on some aspects like these – If you have studied and you feel you have given it your best shot, be relaxed. You have done your part. Now you need to concentrate on putting your knowledge on the papers at the time of examination in the best possible way. For this you need to have a calm mind. Do not keep revising repeatedly right before the exam but just be still and if you wish, you could make a small prayer. Avoid getting a panic when you see the rest in your class studying too much in the exam hall. Keep telling yourself you have done what you had to do. If you get a good grade do not boast and consider yourself superior. But learn to contain your emotions in the right manner. This will help you develop a better relationship with your peers. At the same time if you haven’t done well, note down your short comings and do not repeat it the next time. Consider every failure as a stepping stone to success. By developing such an attitude your life will be a lot happier and you will be satisfied with life.
Are you an average student?
If you have always only cared about just scrapping with a just a pass grade through all your tests, I am quite sure that you are not the kind that takes a lot of pressure. You are happy with what you have achieved and you are least bothered about anybody’s opinion. You surely have nothing to worry about. But most of all, you stress yourself one night before the exam to do well. You could probably reduce this part of it and do a little bit of daily study. Above all remember you score average grades doesn’t mean you are an average student. You definitely have lot of other interests in life and you must strive to live your dreams. Most of the great men of our times are not the ones who topped always. Many of them were even school drop outs. We all know about Einstein. He wasn’t the best at school. Heard of Alan Gerry? He was a guy who followed his dreams. He quit high school but he was the entrepreneur to build the first cable television network in New York state in mid 1950’s. Who knows may be some day one of you could turn out to do something substantial like this?

Are you below the edge?
Do not panic again. Every normal individual is blessed with a sound mind. You lie below the mark, only because you haven’t put to use your caliber and you have not yet recognized your potential. The sooner you start doing it, the faster will you see yourself improving. Spend about 1-2 hours daily recollecting what you have been taught in class that day. Try not to restrict yourself with your prescribed texts alone. Surf the net to find something more interesting about what you learn and jot down the important points. This could turn out to be like a hobby. Do these when you study daily but when you study for an exam the next day avoid reading too much. Revise through all the notes you have prepared and present it in an effective manner. Do not spend too much time for silly details but concentrate on the main points. Make up your mind soon. You can excel if you want to. If there is a will there is always a way!
Good Luck!


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