Kids and the Happiness They bring us.

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I feel we should give all we can to kids, they are our next Generation. I feel so lost to know what is happening to our kids of tomorrow. Please won't you remember what it was like to be around the kids, what it felt like when you thought no one cared, i remember how that felt. With out them we would be lost. I know there are people who don't want them around. But this world was made for them, and for us to enjoy them. So why not take a moment and save a child.

Where Will Our Kids Be In The Years To Come.

I have said This time and time again, If we don't make a stand to save the next generation it will be lost. I think about kids every day. When I go to the store, or to the park, or just for a walk, I see less and less kids all the time.

I am involved in so much, and I hear about how family's are being torn a part. How the Cps just gets one call and that is the end of a family's life. The kids are put in places that are unknown to them, they are sad and confused and all they want are mom and dad.

I know for some of you guys, you may not think this can happen to you, but think again, it can. People are mean and evil and all it takes is one call to make your world go from happy to very sad.

CPS and the Judges have made them selfs a emmunity so that they won't get touched if they are wrong in any of the cases. It is a sad. Our kids pay for this. I have been watching this unjustice action to our kids for 9 years. Nothing is ever done to for justice.

Our family's are afraid to have family's because the young people that want family's know what is coming, and cps will take them. Also our government wants to make our world a new world. They want 7 billion to go away and put our nation to 5 hundred million and keep there. Look up the end game.

My concerns are more about why we keep shutting our eyes to this. Why Ron Paul isn't getting reconized in anything anymore, and he is running just as hard as the others candidates. I say this because that is the way it is for our kids also. No one wants to know what is going on with our government and cps and why they are getting by with taking our kids away from the home, that they were born and raised in, the only thing that the kids know.

Parents are being lied on in the courts. Cps is getting by with taking them. They make everything a lie when they get to court. I know so many family's that haven't seen there kids for years and are still trying to get them back. The CPS keeps the kids and, Yes they get paid for this, and so do the judges, lawyers, the doctors, and anyone else who can keep lying to keep the kids in the system. At the end of this blog I will post the links that will show you the truth. I have been for family's for 9 years. I am proud to say I have helped a lot of family's to bring there kids home. That is a great day. I love kids. I am happy that some get to come home. Kids are our next life. With out kids we wouldn't be able to grow, or see what is in tomorrow. If this is taken away, from them and us that only leaves them, No us or u.s.A. I like that I can dream, I like that i can do this with my family. I like that i can do this with a child.
Nancy Shaffer was exposing cps and now is pass away. Here is what she had to say,

Please help a group get to Nevada to help this night mere, this people want to go help stop the cps taking our kids. Please help the next generation.

Look at all Links. Keep in touch with all my blogs. Don't let this happen to you. Keep you kids safe, learn what you don't know. Help expose these people and the actions they put in our family's. Help us all get justice, because if you don't help. the child that is taken or killed or lost it could become your problem. It will become the us's problem because we didn't do anything about it when it was staring you right in the face.

If you think things like oh I am so sorry this is going on with your family. And your thinking thank god it isn't me , and you turn your back with out at least trying to help, it maybe you next time, all it takes is on phone call, from the school that your child goes to, a doctor, the place called WIC, hospitals that you take your child. All it takes is on phone call and your family can be torn apart and you may or not see your kids again. I am asking you to sponsor these parents that have lost there kids to the lying courts, the judges, the CPS workers. Things that we use to trust, things we were raised on, things that us to make us feel safe, now is the way to destroy everything you know as a family. You can do something that someone don't like or what you said, or anything that makes you in the wrong and at the time you don't realize it, then boom they come a knocking on lies, all because you were sticking up for your rights as a american. Please keep in mind we are all in this together. Help the Next generation have dreams and living a life that we all have come to know, don't let your life be lost over one phone call, do it for your family. This is the last resort we have is Family and Keeping the American dream and bringing it back. Life through a childs eyes is no pain, no regrets, no faults, no worries. Why because we are parents we are mom and dad, we are the ones that really protect our kids, and we as a family give our kids these dreams.
I want my grand kids to know I stood up for them. I want them to live in one nation under god, with liberty, and justice for all. What is your choice. Mine is I will fight trying to save the next generation. We are the heart of our country please make a stand and help our kids make it to the next generation.

Please go to this site.

Here is my page for saving the next generation.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Mar 2012 (#)

Heartfelt outpourings, Melinda. I empathize with you cent percent. Kids, the next generation, need all the care and love. In fact, love costs nothing and its effect or lack thereof can make or mar a life, leave lifelong scars - siva

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author avatar Teila
3rd Mar 2012 (#)

I so agree!

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author avatar Denise O
4th Mar 2012 (#)

Melinda, I understand your anxiety, I really do but hon, there is also the other side of the coin. I watched as children's services had taken our nephew from us, since his worthless mother wanted him back, after 6 months of not giving a rats ass about him. My brother Robbie, has never 'really' been in his life and just as worthless. Just because, the law states )basically) the child is better off with the parent, then not, he was taken out of a loving home and placed back with the very people that abused him. Almost 5 years later, I saw a child that was on his way to great things, now turning out like his parents, in jail, a drunk and all up in drugs. So hon, I hear your plight, I really do, we must not lump 'all' into one here though. If we make it so children services can not go into any homes, then we will lose so many kids that are being mentally and physically marred by the very ones that are suppose to love them, their parents.
You see Melinda, we do need to expose those that are doing wrong in children services, courts, our 'laws' and such but, we must do it with the thoughts that yes, some parents to get the shaft but, so do a lot of kids. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
4th Mar 2012 (#)

Denise I like your feed back, on what the government is doing to american family's. I am sorry to hear about your nephew, But did you try to get him yourself. If you did great, if you didn't that is to sad also. Our kids live and make it in family's not just mom and dad, but aunts , uncles, cousins, and really good friends. The child would have done better with you and your family. I am sorry that you had to see that happen to a child. But in the new world we aren't going to know what family's are like if we keep letting them take them from us. The government don't want family's to have the kids, because then the buck will stop for them. I have walked on both sides, good or bad parents they don't care, if they gave the child back to the parents then they must know there will not be any kind of money for them. The cps likes to pick out the middle class kids. One call that is all it takes. Our government wants to blow out the middle class. When a child is taken the state makes foster care give them heavy drugs that sometimes will kill the child. Because the child is lost and confused, and wants family any family. When the child don't get they cry and yell and the foster parents can't take it so they are beat, drugged up and put in the dark, they are starved, miss treated even worst then family could ever treat the kids. I know there are parents that kill there own babies. Either way the child pays deeply for the crimes they are committed. I want our kids to beable to live with family, and be in one place to live, if not mom our dad it should be with someone who can love them. When cps takes them they are lost, fighten, confused and they feel like it's all there fault. Our kids deserve so much better then what they get from our government. Parents who abuse there kids don't need them back ever, but should the child be removed from his roots for ever, that is what is happening, and when the child turns 18 and the government knows they can give them anymore money they get thrown out. Thank you and I will follow you too. I have found your stories very good writes.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
6th Mar 2012 (#)

I read this with such interest - and I read Denise's comments and your feedback to her.
What a quandry the world is in. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. I take so many points from both of you and I think I 'm settled somewhere in the middle. Because our kids' welfare, unfortunately, so often depends on the authorities' intervention. Denise is right - too many parents don't really give a 'rats' ass'

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author avatar Sheila Newton
6th Mar 2012 (#)

P.S. I'm away now for 2 weeks hols. No commenting for a while - sorry!

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
8th Mar 2012 (#)

Your right to Sheila we all need family. I like your feed back, I hope you make it back safe. God bless you always.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
17th Mar 2012 (#)

Here is my link, you may have to put it in your browser. It is a link to help save the next generation.

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