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Today's world most of the houses have kids,many of the houses have babies,new born kids and kids aged three to four years old,Life is full of joy when there's a kid in the house.The kid can carry your whole house on his head if you don't give him what he wants.He will see that whatever required should be got at once.Kids are closer to the heart than everything else.......

Your Wish Is My Command..

Many of the families have kids in today's world,

Kids being loving and honest plays and important role in the family,everyone loves them in the house,even and outsider who comes always get something or the other for the kids,they are our near and dear one's.Life is surely incomplete without them,what would a life be without kids just imagine if only a couple gets married and no kids for years and years how would you manage your life,if you fight,quarrel and don't see each other faces for long who would get the couple closer in life....

So kids are important even if we have one kid in the house it's good for our future he
will grow up go to school,college do some required course which will benefit him and he will take care of us in future also if we have kids at home they get us together even in happiness and sadness.Everything whatever happens in the house can be changed the atmosphere in the house even if we fight or argue the kid can get us together in no time.Even last moment relations like divorce can be changed because of the kid which bonds us together in life......

Relations based in a family cannot be easily broken,because we a family are bonded like adhesive for lifetime.Kids requirement is a must whatever required by him has to be given immediately because there is no if or but if there is anything related to a kid,he is pampered in such a way that he can carry the whole house crying loud at the top of his voice no one can stop him at that moment.Even neighbour's or passerby will wonder whats happening in the house if the kid cries loud and also if we take him to a function and if everything goes well in the function and suddenly the kid cries at the top of his voice you feel embarassed what people will say looking at him cry that we can't take proper care of a child....

So its great we have a kid in the house we all have problems that does not mean that we abort a child or if its a girl,mostly people do abortion if they don't get the right child why don't you forget that you are a girl or a boy yourself.Ladies do abortion in most of the countries if they get a girl i don't know why it has happened in many countries,If you think for a second if your mother would kill you in the womb since you are a girl how would you feel?
So whether its a boy or girl its a gift from god you got to take proper care of her and destiny is made in heaven you or your family members cant change it neither its in your hands,So stop this rubbish of abortion i feel god should cut one of their limbs when someone goes for and abortion,god should really punish them because it takes complete 9 months to have a child properly so much care is taken during these nine months and eventually you come to know that you have a girl or a boy you mind quickly thinks of and abortion as to the wise family decides who should come in the house,hence its wrong please live by it if a angel comes to this world whether boy or girl please accept it with love welcome him or her in the house,there's plenty of happiness in the house when a new born child arrives in the family....

Being important a kid is the whole and sole of the house so greet him with love,glory and pleasure,give him entire happiness till he grows well take out time for him whether you are rich or poor makes no difference a child is born in any family...

Remember if he cries you cry and if he smiles you do,that is love what bonds the family together whether you are happy or sad.Life is incredible face it,love it and live it.......

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