Kick out on a Holy Friday

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I suddenly was useless and then they give me the silent treatment and then they successfully kicked me out on a Holy Friday which really hurts me.

The day I decided to become a BUM

I have been working since I was on my early teens,non stop until I reach my forties.Even forgetting to get married since i was very focused on my career and helping out the family since we are the typical family,who have to work so we can get to eat,study and live.
After reaching my early forties I suddenly have this realization that why i need to work very hard when all my siblings are married and with family leaving me alone by myself.So i decided to become a bum living under mys sisters house.I love her kids that why i opt to stay with her.I started my day being a bum early in morning by eating breakfast while watching all the tv series.and then it would be that for the whole day.I occasionally do the laundry twice a week only,and I do the cooking for dinner.After eating dinner.i go to my bed and continue watching all the TV series there is,until my eyes hurt and then i go to sleep.And when I wake up the next day same thing.There is a catch on this,and really you reading this will say of course you deserve it.I am really choosy when it comes to food.I do not eat vegetable and fish so I'm a meat lover,and even one cent i didnt even give to my sister. I am living off her and maybe I was a very huge and heavy lump on her back which i dont care and mind because what was on my mind she was my sister and if it was her on the same situation she would not hear anything from me.


There was a point where I accept part time job since i really needed the money.We could not almost see each other because of the timings of the job.And so I am living like woke up to shower and then go to work.I cannot even cooked rice or do some little house chores,like I am just there to sleep and shower.

One off day i was talking with my 8 years old niece when she suddenly told me,you know yesterday mom said to us that you are useless,lazy,and do not even follow her and that you are not a good model for us.I was taken back and was lost for words.Of course I cannot show my niece that i was really hurt and really it broke my heart to hear it from her.I told my niece its fine and smile and pretend that i am alright infront of her.A few moment later i went to the washroom and cried.How can my sister told her kids about what a lazy and useless person am I.,and to an 8 year old child,how then will that child respect me if those hurtful words are coming from her mom who of all people is my blood sister.I remember what have I done for the family and how they become what they are now because of me and now I am useless?I am a giver,I love all my family unconditionally and what I have if they need i will give.and now those words USELESS.It was a great blow to my face.A blow which i wasn't expecting and left me dumbfounded.I find it hard to swallow the food on their table but to show the kids that I am okay i smile and eat cheerfully with the kids,so my sister will have no idea that what she told her kids have found its way to my ears.For a week i tried to be okay.I was quiet and silent in the house with my sister and brother in law.We are not talking like the normal way we talk and and we talk only if needed.One weekend we were all in the house and the couple keep talking with each other and my brother in law would say that what a great life,not mentioning who but of course I know it was me he is pertaining too and he is correct at all and I cannot be angry with it I offered to help in the chores which he was doing and then he decline which is very unusual because he always give that chore to me.I feel bad and offended and when i try to talk to my sister,she give me a cold shoulder.I heard them talking one time that my sister is asking me if he want her to talk to me and the rest is didn't hear it..And then finally it hit me.Is this a conspiracy between the two of them.Is this their way of kicking me out and believe me they succeeded. What hurts me most was that it happen on a Holy Friday of all the exchange of bad words happens only silent war but still i am very sad that I have been kicked out on a HOLY FRIDAY!I mean it I was kicked out,it might be literally but actions speaks louder than words and that was the message they want to relay to me.Only it happen on a HOLY FRIDAY!


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