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Cheats and tips for keeping up with over achieving mothers in the playground.

Mothers in the Playground

If your lucky enough to have the time to drop off and collect your children from Primary School, then you have no doubt been exposed to the mother "cliques", guilt, judgement and competition that comes with the territory. With all those different aged personalities in one place, and in mommy mode, it's like being back in high school all over again!

There are plenty of articles out there written about either confronting this issue, or avoiding it all together. This is an article with tips aiming to deal with the "popular" group. The overachieving mothers who come with homemade masterpieces to the school bake sale, who are ALWAYS on time, the mothers who always look fantastic, and are usually involved in every single classroom event or school function. Know the type?

There are four basic groups to focus on, and cheating is totally allowed acceptable and expected!!! (Comment any good cheats!).
Appearance, tardiness, involvement, attitude. Sounds pretty simple right?

Appearance: Do not go to school in your pyjamas. Had to be said. A clean pair of track suits are acceptable. Do not dress overly sexual. Always ensure both you and your children are clean and wearing clean clothes. Heels to a minimum.
Tardiness: Pretty straight forward, don't be late. Now everyone except these perfect mothers with no lives are bound to be late to school a few times. But you cannot be late daily, and to everything school related. Try not to be known for it!
Involvement: I think volunteering at least once per year is standard for most parents, some people however just do not have the time. If you are one of these people, try making a public or noticeable donation to the next fundraiser for brownie points. Otherwise show an interest perhaps you could do some classroom task at home. Always helps if the teacher likes you. This includes showing up for parties and presents brought.
Attitude: This one is easier said than done, some mornings the last thing you want to be gearing is another parents dramas or even muster a smile! But it has to be done. Smiles small talk and pleasantries will get you so far!

If you can't beat them join them! When it comes to things like bake sales and fundraisers, fake it! Then have a glass of wine, we deserve it.


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7th Jun 2014 (#)

i have to look good at playground

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