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This essay is in response to Wogiam’s piece, “I am Falling in Love With Life Again,” published in June 2015. This is a wonderful article that explains what Wogiam went through during one of the trials that we all face at some time or another -- especially during the current climate when everything seems to be going wrong.

The Trial

In the article, Wogiam talks about how she was short on money and food after losing a job. She said she was fortunate to have friends who were ready to help. But Wogiam also makes a suggestion that family should be the ones coming forth to help. I am here to say friends are the ones we count on because family is often times the ones hiding in the cracks somewhere. In today’s world, experiencing this is very common. I know a man who has recently become ill with three health problems, and has seen a doctor for each of the problems. What is amazing, though, is the fact that the doctors are very hesitant to allow him to go on state disability. One doctor said he doesn’t want to do anything because he is afraid he will cause my friend to lose his job when he lets the business my friend works for know that my friend is disabled.

Don't Turn Your Back

What has happened to our world, to our country when no one wants to get involved in the hardship of another? Have we left the point of helping simply because it is the right thing to do? Or is our country so full of scammers that when a hard-working person gets sick and needs assistance, the state is reluctant to issue help? What happened to Wogiams’s friends is really unfortunate– these are the ones who originally came out to help. Wogiam claims her friends, though, became cold and distant and acted like they wanted nothing to do with the Wogiam’s family. This is also a common problem. Somehow people believe the Wogaim family had experienced a miracle and were no longer in the predicament they were in when these friends helped them.


I will be the first one to say I believe in miracles, and I believe they happen on a daily basis. However, I also believe that each one of us is tested on a daily basis. We cannot assume that because we helped someone at one point in their lives they are no longer in need. This line of thinking is very flawed. Nor am I saying that we have to continue to help them financially if we are not in the position to do so. What I am saying, though, is we can help in other ways. Perhaps we know someone who needs the type of skills that the Wogiam family has. The world is a huge network and each person is connected to someone who is in a position to offer what another family needs. The only thing is, we cannot be in such a position that we think this family is only looking for handouts. If we believe that we are sending out a very negative message about our world and our place in it.

The LIght at the End of the Tunnel

Wogiam understands the way out of what she went through. Our hope comes through our faith. We cannot walk around with our heads stuck to our chests. We have to put our heads up high and know that our Heavenly Father knows what is going on and He is getting ready to spread His hands over what we are experiencing. When we can laugh and rejoice, we know our blessing is at hand. And for that reason, we need to keep our heads held high and our eyes fixed on the Heavens. Your blessing is at hand.


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