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Its all about making us all discovering our purpose on this earth, though for a couple of years but still realizing, acknowledging,practicing and implementing it.

In other words applying for a job without submitting your CV, without going for an interview, choosing your favorite workplace, directly walking in the office, taking your desired seat and starting off the work !

Its that simple, how?

Read to find out.......................

Back with a Thought

It has almost been a year since I wrote any page, August 11, 2011 when I wrote my last page entitled as "An Owed Thanks" .

For me that was a masterpiece because that related to my friends authors of our beautiful family WIKINUT

Those who made my journey of almost two years really beautiful, worth remembering and cherishing so they really and truly deserved a thanks!

Purposive Approach

Woah am writing this after an age and I am feeling so delighted to have written this :D!

Basically I just read an article: Do Unto Others of one of our new writer named Ra'ana Khan.

In the past one year I have sort of keenly observed everything that went past me through my life and even from an audience's perspective;
the happenings of life, where they lead you, what are they meant for, what do we take them as, how do we perceive them and eventually our ultimate position.
Be it a tragedy or a celebration, birth or a funeral, success or failure, bonding and separation, love or hatred, ALL HAPPENS FOR A PURPOSE!

This God driven system is very organized and disciplined, here nothing happens just like that, there has to be a purpose that is to be served due to which we come across the different seasons of life and see the different shades of life passing through our eyes and laps. Even a speck of dust is not transported, believe you me, without a purpose, even the tiniest thing has a reason to exist.

Realize and Acknowledge

So I saw people struck by tragedies, saw people reaching heights of success, people plunging into sea of depression due to failures, saw people moaning over death of a beloved, saw bitterness evolving into relationships, saw people tying knots with a promise to live together forever, saw good and bad news both coming out of the same door of the ward, peoples mixed emotions!

We think that if any of the above existed or didn't exist we would die, that's a wrong perception and presumption, LIFE MOVES ON, as famously said the show must go on and it does as well but the point is that we don't realize and acknowledge the fact!!!

I admit its human nature to have felt or thought so but still this can be amended or at least improved so that we individually can discover our PURPOSES, isn't it??

Cant we at least give it a shot? I guess everyone would at least give it a chance.......

Circle of Life

Lets assume a few situations to clarify the Purposive approach of life.
You failed an exam, your parents got divorced, a very closed one of yours passed away, you broke up with your girl friend, you are having tough times in financial terms, you cant find a job etc etc

What positive is there to see in all these absurd situation and what purpose the heck do all these situations serve???
Lets analyse it from my point of view:

You failed your exam, reason being your examiner is a biased person or paper was tough or the college people want you out of the college as you being notorious or there was a problem going on in your house and last but obviously not the least you did not study properly and were not well prepared.

Assuming that you were having some family problem going on which made you fail your exam, got it! But so what, don't families have problems? Its a part and parcel of life, relationships and bonds, something that keeps on recurring till they remain intact, that is a sign of life, isn't it? So focusing too much on something that you cant stop the relationship's courier company to send in, don't you think is a waste, instead focusing on the exam which can have a resit but that comes with embarrassment and eventually suspension.
Come one you need to become strong and hard to tackle all the stuff to manage not to allow the important stuff to be left behind or an opportunity lost in the midst of such lifelong issues.
Would not it be absurd to regret for life for loosing an important plan just because you were having a family problem that hardly lasted a month or two.

Two months or Life - Decision is yours!

When you once decide the purpose is served, you becoming a tough being influences and inspires others as well to face in the difficulties of life: SACRED purpose served!

Your parents or you are undergoing separation, that is the toughest thing to accept and bear in life but still you have to take life as it comes, bitter realities of life you cant change!

That is a phase of great distress and turmoil, ADMITTED! And you remain in that phase for a certain period (more or less varies from person to person), its natural!
But staying in that phase for the rest of your life stagnating your mind with the thought of broken home and loneliness is not and can never be natural.
Yes it is true that the pain still exists, but its intensity reduces overwhelmingly and you need to accept that it does!
You cannot hold on to a relationship that was not meant for you to be in your territory for your entire life, it had to die at that very stage!
Be it the mistake of one spouse or parent or both, this is how everything comes to an end, mistakes, doubts, fights, bitterness, detachment and death!!!

That is the circle of life and as said life does move on!

You were too dependent on your spouse or that parent, in aspects other than the financial ones, they are gone now and you are all on your own alone and helpless!
What do you do sit and moan over it your entire life or get up and show yourself that you are something and can do something that means can earn for yourself a good living purely based on SELF RELIANCE, you can manage the household and outside chores single handed, show yourself that you always had the ability to so and you don't have to remain stuck with that old thing for the rest of your life and need to do something for yourself and for others as well!

This situation brings in self confidence and self reliance, you will then go an extra mile to help those who are going through the same turmoil, you can calm them and help them regain their earth their life, wont you? You will, that is BEING HUMAN and we all are born with that touch!!!
Purpose served, you served the humanity, made someones life once again worth living!
As far as finding another partner is concerned, its God's world and government, He has some really better plans for you than we can ever imagine, He wants you to have THEEEE best but in return you will have to put faith and trust in him.

You need to kick start the process

You just tied the knot of a beautiful relationship or just have been blessed with a little angel or you just succeeded in a business plan or an exam or like wise.
That is your day and your moment, but there are a lot of those who are still far away from this shore of solitude, bliss and joy. They are having hard times though its just because God wants them to rise again and to kick their tough times really hard but here is where your job also intervenes. You must be knowing such lot or you might have come across such people, I bet you had! Don't you think just because you are happy, your morale must be at its highest, your temperament and resistance at its best and your patience at its peak, you would really want to make them also a part of the land where fortunately (Touch wood) your ship has anchored, you do want to and you can!

Just lend them a hand in pulling them out of their dormitories back to the world of wonders, don't make them feel as wanting to have a hand, just be silent and patient in your actions and keep on praying to become successful in your intentions!

Some people might not like your interference but deep down inside they might up to 5% want some thing to cut them off from the chain of these memories of failure or such horrid experiences and tastes of life.
You have to be one of them, you were blessed so now its your duty to get blessed, your purpose!!!

You are Hired

You are a beacon of light for those distressed in any sense, a ray of hope for those finding a way out!
God wants you to become an agent of His in helping His beings and you should not let down HIS expectations, right?

In return never ever expect any reward because you are doing your duty that you owe to all those out there:
The duty of Being Human !

Reward? Come on, you already got your past consideration for your job (If you take it as your Job), remember the happiness and bliss you have been blessed with, righto?

Get going guys, the bus might leave at any minute; the bus set out to spread the word of God of Being Humans,essence of love, peace,hope,happiness and brotherhood.

See your Purpose now? Hope so!

All The Best, You are Hired!


* Thanks alot to Ra'ana whose article inspired me to make a come back after almost a year.
*Pictures as always are courtesy of
*Thanks alot to you for reading and for the view.


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author avatar Denise O
25th Jul 2012 (#)

I accept the job and thank you. How great is this, you back writing on Wikinut, gotta love it my friend! When I saw you leaving a comment on another's page the other day, it put such a big smile on my face and you knew then, I had to write you. I have missed you my friend. What a wonderful, uplifting and positive message you have laid out for us and we are all better for it. You are and have always been, a star in my sky. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Denise O
25th Jul 2012 (#)

Congrats on the star page my friend, I just tweeted your page.:)

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author avatar Jerry Walch
25th Jul 2012 (#)

Welcome back!

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
25th Jul 2012 (#)

You are so right things do happen for a purpose. I am glad to be hired for this reason and do gladly accept the challenges life offers. In part this is one of the reasons why I am engaged in writing a year-long series on Wikinut - check it out, click my profile.

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author avatar ghazala zafar
4th Aug 2012 (#)

Such a thoughtful article Humza! Congratulation on your Star!

Now I'm going to read Ra'ana Khan's page :)

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
5th Sep 2012 (#)

Great share, and congrats.

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author avatar thewriterravi
19th Aug 2014 (#)

good post. you should come to my pages and guide me for better writing.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Nov 2014 (#)

Very well written, full of pragmatism to face turmoils of life. We can learn more from the tough times - siva

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author avatar Retired
7th Apr 2015 (#)

My dear friend, havent talked to you for ages, I am passive here these days, please follow me in my blog

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