Jesus Goes On Trail Again in The 21st Century

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This is a opinion based articles on the veneration of Jesus Statue by Christian and their leaders. The case study being the law suit filed by a group of atheist concerning the Jesus ststue in Montana mountain.

The Lawsuit Against Jesus Statue

Have you heard the recent news making the rounds about the lawsuit filed against Jesus. I mean Jesus statue in one of the Montana mountains in the United States. The Jesus statue has been on this Ski mountain for the past 57 years and since then there has been various criticism on the why the Jesus statue should be placed on the Montana mountain which is a federal land.

The argument has been that since the mountain is a federal land no religious organization has the right to impose the statue presence of a public property.The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been fighting for the past one year on the presence of the statue by suing the U.s Forest Service and the Catholic organization of the Knights of Columbus.

This atheist group bone of contention is that a religious statue on federal lands is a violation of the constitutional principle which stipulates that church should be separated from the state. The have decided to press further on the case until they are given justice on the matter.As the judge presiding over the case has ruled that it is sufficient to confer standing as the case is set to go on trail in March next year.

The Origin of Jesus Statue

I am particularly concerned about the use of religious statue and the beliefs so many christian has in it.This has been a hot debate about the use of statue or religious relics to give honor to Jesus. Right back to the time of Constantine when he allowed religious freedom to the christian faith in his time as emperor, there are been so much import of idolatrous practices so to speak into the Christian faith.

History let us know that christian known as the follower and worshiper of Jesus were hated and treated as scum.In an idolatrous setting such as the Roman lording it over the Jews,the Jews who believed in the sacrificial death of Jesus in reconciling them to God and for the forgiveness of sin as well as being given a new life,were opposed strongly by their own people, even those in the Temple hierarchy. The Apostles who were disciples of Jesus, were trained and worked closely with him,took over the assignment Jesus their Lord and Savior gave them. That is preaching of this gospel of the kingdom of God.The Jewish High priest,Pharisees and Sadducee kicked against them and their preaching about Jesus.They threatened them,stoned some to death,beheaded some and put some in prison in order to gag them in preaching about the death and resurrection of Jesus, which was a real as the sun.

The Lord Jesus as He has promised to be with the Disciples as the carry out their mandate of preaching the gospel, was true to his words as he backed the message with signs and wonders to the bewilderment of the Jewish authority.The message spread like wildfire even beyond the regions of the middle east to Asia and even to Europe.Then came the proclamation by the then emperor Constantine to give all Christian freedom to worship Jesus as he became a Christian too.This was influenced by the dream he had about the cross of Jesus helping him to win the battle against his rival to the throne of Rome. After consultation with the religious hierarchy at that time, he blended the pagan gods and style of worship into Christianity.

This started a big controversy between the true apostles of the gospel of Jesus and the false apostles. Those that love the declaration of the emperor gained the upper hand and that was how since that time there has been the use of objects or statue as symbols to honor Jesus.

The Truth Revealed

May I tell the Christian bodies that believes a statue of Jesus is a way to honor Him and give Him recognition that they have erred. Have such people taken time to read the books of Exodus 20 from verses 1-3, that God Himself when giving the universal law to Israel, popularly called the Ten Commandment, said that There should be no image of things above, on the earth or under the earth to represent Him.And i they do such thing He would visit their iniquities upon them form the third to fourth generation.What many Christians don't know that the God that gave the law on mount Sinai is the Jesus that came to the Jews during the time of the Roman rule.

Go to John 1 verses 1-3 and read for yourself.There you find that there was a beginning that the Word existed and the Word was God.And He was with God. All thing were created by Him, the Word. What does tell us. This is bringing to our understanding that there exist 2 Spirit beings called God.There family name is God Like if you have a family name Stone.Definitely, you will not be the only one bearing that family name. You have brothers, sisters and even your children bearing the family name as well.In the GOD family, there is the father and the son.The father is called God-the father and the son called Word.So, you see that when the creation took place as written In the book of Genesis 1,the Word was the God referred to doing the work of creation. Then in the fullness of time according to God's timetable of bringing sinful man back to His ways, he sent the Word to become son.Which was called Jesus.

Now, you know the God who created all things is Jesus who came to die for our sins.Never in any of Jesus time with His disciples did he order or command them to make statue to honor after His death.He only gave them commandment to baptize who receive Him in His name and to eat the Supper of the Passover to commemorate His death and resurrection. Why all the fuss about making Jesus statue according to our own foolish ideas and beliefs.


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