Jerome's job interview

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Jerome feels happiness that has eluded him for such a long time. A truth hovers but remains out of sight.

My Oh my what a wonderful day!

Jerome’s Job interview
Anticipation had Jerome down for the count. He had to keep busy to keep his sanity

Jerome spent the weekend sprucing himself up. He went and got a haircut and shave and even let the barber talk him into getting a manicure. He had all of his clothes cleaned. He got his one pair of dress shoes shined. He went to the pharmacy up the street and bought a disposable cell phone. He purchased some local newspapers and flyers to read about other job availabilities, just in case. He capped off the weekend at the tavern next door with a few Michelob’s and even played a couple games of pool. That night sleep was an elusive entity but finally snuck up on him.

The mysterious compulsion
At nine forty five Monday morning, Jerome was waiting outside of Miss McKnight’s office. At 10:05 she opened the door and bid him come in and sit down. Good morning Mr. Edgemont, I have already filled in most of your application using the copy of your Id and a little imagination. All that is left is for you to sign it. Jerome read the application then signed it. This is pretty impressive Maam, I thank you. You are very welcomed sir. I do not know why I have this compulsion to see you succeed, I just feel like you have been assigned to me by someone upstairs. Or maybe it is your name. Believe it or not, I had an uncle named Jerome Edgemont, he died tragically years ago. He and his brother founded this company. My mother is one of their sisters. I guess that also makes you special to me so please don’t let me down. No maam, I will not. And again I thank you and I thank god. So now when do I start?

I will have to get this application approved by the intake committee then processed into the staff census and payroll software. First I will have to assign you a hierarchy of skills to be referred to for call in. All of this will take a few days. So keep your cell phone handy. You will hear from me one way or the other probably Thursday no later than Friday. Miss McKnight please forgive me for being redundant, but again I thank you and God bless you.
I am looking forward to working for this company. Have a good day.

Wings on his feet
Instead of taking a bus back to the hotel as he had done to get to the warehouse, Jerome decided to walk. He felt real real good, he was walking tall, and he greeted everyone that he met along the way. The smile that he was wearing was a welcomed long lost friend.
When he reached the motel, instead of going to his room, he went across the street to a small park. He wedged himself into a swing. He thrust back and forth and began to sing.
Zip a dee doo da! Zip a dee yah!
My oh my, what a wonderful day!

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday Jerome went to work as usual at the warehouse through the temporary agency. No matter how hard he tried not to think of the phone call from Miss McKnight, anticipation was beating him to a pulp.
Friday morning as he was visiting the restroom, the cell phone clipped to his trousers began to buzz. Good morning Mr. Edgemont, can you be at employee services at eight o’clock Monday morning? Yes maam I will be there.


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author avatar Retired
10th Aug 2010 (#)

very well written thanks for this share.

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author avatar snooky
10th Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you for reading my story.

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author avatar grey
12th Aug 2010 (#)

oh. it's a story~
i read miss mcknight's prayer first and got a bit confused.
but i understand clearly now.

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author avatar snooky
12th Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you, hope you read the rest of Jerome's story

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