Jealous Friends And The Acts They Performed

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When I think back on some of the things my jealous friends and the acts they performed, it's astonishing. I decided they were not friends at all, just pretend to be.

My Friend From Miami, Florida

I met her when a development of homes was for sale in Rainbow Park. The era was the early 70's. We bought homes across the street from each other. She was single with kids and so was I, I was divorced and she was a widow. I can't remember what brought us together but as I think back, I think it was our children. At the time, she had 3 children and I had one child. I never had any more but years later she adopted a child that she use to babysit and years later she gave birth to one more.

After we met, we found out that we had many things in common. Loving our family was one of them and we did meet each others families and I grew to like them. At that time, she didn't work and was receiving her deceased husband's benefits. I worked as a secretary until the company went out of business. I worked at several bars and later on became a dancer at a night club. I thought it was fun to be on stage shaking my groove thing and so did the men who were throwing money at me.

In The World Doing Worldly Things

During this time I was still in the world and did worldly things. I smoked, dranked, went to clubs, danced at clubs and had multiple boyfriends. I thought it was cool to have more than one boyfriend especially since all of them was giving me money. Some of them were single, some were married, it didn't matter. I wasn't settled at all, I thought I was enjoying life having a good time, mostly at someone else expense. That didn't bother me at all, never gave it a second thought.

When I was off from work, we partied like it was no tomorrow. Sometimes the party would be at her house and sometimes at mine or we'd bring the party from her house to my house. It didn't matter, we were having a ball! One thing for sure, we never let anyone leave that was driving. There would be people everywhere the next day, at least they were alive and well with a hangover. We supplied them with necessities to brush their teeth, shower, etc.

Sometimes I would just go out and party by myself at multiple places. I knew people from everywhere and when they saw me, we had much fun. I knew a lot of ladies but twice as many men, both married and single. I was a very quiet person, not loud or disorderly or anything like that. People loved my company, I had a sense of humor, would help anyone I could and I was easy to get along with.You maybe thinking where was my child when all of this partying was going on? As safe as could be, at my mom's house.

Jealousy And Deciet Set In

We meet men that drove for a trucking company out of New York that one of our friends introduced us to. We didn't have a clue then that the next younger man would be her husband and she would have her last child with him.Well, I was just sitting when the youngest of the men approached me, we exchanged phone numbers and he would call me every day while he was on the road. Well, we were all at my jealous friend's house when his and mine conversation turn serious. I told him I didn't want to deal with a long distance relationship anymore. He didn't like that at all.

After that I didn't see him anymore except for once. He came by one last time and told me, "I'm going to be with your friend". Okaaaaaay, I did think about what he said and the next thing I knew he and she were at a motel. You want to know how I know right? Well, someone who knew the 3 of us recognized him and her before they went into the motel and made a call to me. Well now, I wonder who initiated this union and I was determined to find out. The reason, I thought it was her anyway.

I went to the motel and call them out, she had a towel wrapped around her and he was in his undies. I told them, "I want to know who's idea is this?" She openly said, "mine and I said, "that's all I wanted to know, sa-ra-na-ra to ya." Now you read about all the good times we shared and even though I was through with the truck driver, why would she want my left over trash? Friends just don't do that but that's because she was a jealous friend that performed an act that let me know right there that whatever we had--it was over!

Years later I moved from there to North Carolina and now in Alabama. She died of cancer about 10 years ago. The last child she gave birth to called me and told me that she had died and would I be coming to the funeral? Part of me wanted to say yes but there was that part in me that said absolutely not, what kind of fool are you? So I told her that I would not be able to make it, perhaps it was even more than that. I have forgiven my jealous friend totally but not until I got saved. I don't ever want a man that one of my friends have had a sexual relationship with.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Feb 2016 (#)

Are you a man or a woman??? Judging from a story written a wild lesbian.
Any way, I know my life and style and most certainly am not a stripper on stage going ladies all the time.
Normal as I am, I prefer being away from lustful predators. I am in showbiz too and the more you stroke it the more they smoke it and I prefer being me far away from men/women and relationships.
The lesbian with three kids just wanted comfort and support. Cheapness well its all part of the upbringing irrespective of profession.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Feb 2016 (#)

I suppose you drug, snort and coke it too with anxiety depression meds too.

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