It's Time To Clean Up The Pulpit!

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Exposing The Spirit of Covetousness!

How many times have you heard the term "wolves in sheep's clothing?" where leaders (particularly those who confess to be "clergy" have used and abused God's People?)

How to recognize Satan's IMPOSTERS!

Because human beings are primarily led by our 5 senses, it is common for us to form an opinion about someone based upon our perceptions. Especially CLERGY

We may see an individual as being a "good or bad" person, based on what we "see" with our natural eyes or "hear" with our natural ears. We see what is presented to us, by the person we meet, and tend to accept them at "face value". (ie....who they present themselves to be) and not always as they really are.

For some of us, we have revelatory insight (called discernment) given to us as a gift from the Holy Spirit, which assists us in being able to "know" and see deeper into this person's "true self." and although they may not say anything verbally, we are able to have "early detection" into their true selves.

When we go by looks (Or "seemingly great" teaching/preaching alone) some of their faces and conversations can be deceiving. Many great "orators" (those who speak well) are very enticing and are able to use words that arouse the old nature within us. (our senses) and can say things that will cause us to feel like; "hey, they really know what's going on with me" - "they can relate to my circumstances" etc" yet these people are sometimes great at deceiving people and know just what to say to stimulate the senses. (They know which buttons to press) - Some of which lead them to entice for their own benefits.

Let;s look at what the scriptures tell us about some of the false prophets and false teachers who are amongst us.

"But also there arose false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among yourselves, who will subtly and stealthily introduce heretical doctrines (destructive heresies), even denying and disowning the Master Who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.

2 And many will follow their immoral ways and lascivious doings; because of them the true Way will be maligned and defamed.

3 And in their covetousness (lust, greed) they will exploit you with false (cunning) arguments. From of old the sentence for them has not been idle; their destruction (eternal misery) has not been asleep." - ( 2 Peter 2:1-3 Amplified)

As we can see by the scripture above, these individuals are able to entice, because they are sensual and self indulgent. They may have an outward appearance of someone who really cares about God's people, but they are really seeking to satisfy their own lustful desires through covetousness, which is one of the most prevalent sins that have been brought into the church.

Not caring that covetousness is a sin that causes one to only be concerned about themselves. Not realizing that attempting to gather things/resources/people for their own personal gain, is not beneficial in the long run. - "And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth." (Luke 12:15)

These very individuals are also presumptuous, self-willed and self-loving. They will not endure any types of restraint or the overseeing of authority of any kind. Many are totally willing to step over anyone (or treat unkindly) for their own fulfillment of the desires of their flesh. Even if it poses a hardship on others. They do not care.

They allure through the lusts of the flesh. They seek to cause individuals with luring bait, like false teachings/sermons that are not in line with sound doctrine and they promise freedom (liberty) to others when they themselves are slaves to the pollutions of this world, whereby being called "Servants of Corruption" - (2 Peter 2:19)

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." - (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)

Therefore, we must be aware and also remain ALERT.

Keep your spiritual eyes wide open so that you can detect the IMPOSTERS that are assigned to attempt to deceive you. In and outside of the church!

Often times we hear people say "Don't Judge", "Touch not God's anointed and do His prophets no harm", "Don't put your mouth on a man or woman of God", etc...

But not EVERYONE in the PULPIT is God's Anointed Prophet/(clergy) but are sometimes the "SERVANTS OF CORRUPTION" - (2 Peter 2:19)

Solution: When we get back to the practice of EXPOSING THEM and calling them out (according to biblical standards) and brought to accountability. See this link about that: Praying also, that Holy Spirit conviction will fall upon them to repent and change their ways.

In doing so, we will be able to hold such ministers of darkness accountable, and thereby able to clean up the pulpit!

"Writer Chic"


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author avatar pamela riggs
16th May 2013 (#)


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author avatar Writer Chic
16th May 2013 (#)

Amen Pamela. It is time for the Saints of Yahweh (God) to take a stand & speak up!

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author avatar Kevin Ewing
16th May 2013 (#)

Wow! What an awesome read. I find this not only to be an informative read but also equipping us as to how to address such sensitive matters. Great Job Writer Chic, I patiently look forward to more of your thought provoking writings.

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author avatar pamela riggs
19th May 2013 (#)

yes it is!

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author avatar Writer Chic
16th May 2013 (#)

Amen, Kevin Ewing, it is a matter that is close to Abba's Heart and it is the responsibility of those whom have been given such revelation, to WARN unsuspecting believers and those whom are being coveted by the "children of disobedience" and praying also for the Holy Spirit to bring repentance unto salvation for those whom God would not to perish, but also come into the knowledge of His True Son. Amen.

I look forward to your thought provoking writings as well. I am glad that we've connected here. I am also going to invite a friend of mine, here in Galesburg, IL, (above) "pamela riggs" to "follow" your page, so that she can also enjoy what Tyra Frence and I are also enjoying from Facebook, and your other writings.

Bless You

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author avatar Writer Chic
20th May 2013 (#)

Thank you Pam. This is a much needed discussion for sure.

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