It's Not About Falling-It's About Getting Back Up

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short discussion on re-entering the writing field.

Coming Back To Writing

I'm no stranger to writing. Back when I was in school, I'd say elementary to junior high school I did an awful lot of writing. When I was in first grade the first poem I ever wrote made it into the school newspaper, it was maybe four sentences long but when I brought the newsletter home to my mother she reacted like I'd written the Great American Novel. From that point on my mother made it a point to say things like, "You should become a journalist." and "You should do something with your writing." That pressure was nothing compared to what followed after, when in fourth grade our english class made books-literally-everything from the story and illustrations to making the bindings and covers. The best books out of the class were shipped to the school library and parked on the shelves next to some of the best children's book authors in the business at that time. My book was in that stack. After that, we couldn't get my mother to shut up. I'm pretty sure that it was all that pressure and attention that led me away from writing for a very long time....

Writing was something I wanted to do, not something I was pressured into doing because someone wanted to live vicariously through me. So I stopped writing halfway through junior high. It was a bad move. But being young and all that, you don't know what you will or won't regret until further down the road. Life went on and years past, I was in and out of all kinds of nasty predicaments-juvenile delinquency, running away, drinking and experimenting with drugs, hanging out with the wrong people. By the time I became a full fledged adult, I was a red hot mess. Everything I did failed. Job to job, a four year marriage that ended in total catastrophe, aligning myself with people who basically treated me like dirt. If ever there were times when I should have been writing, it was at those times. Who knows? I could have had a few bestsellers on my hands. But I didn't. Because aside from all the trials and tribulations of just being me-I had two children I was busy raising and still more dead end jobs to feed and clothe them. I had little to no time for myself, so writing at that time was just not in the cards.

I'm at the tail end of 40 now, my children are older. One is out of the house and the other is old enough to do for herself and I found myself with a fresh perspective on things mentally and emotionally. I left my past in the past and came into the Now and acquired the clarity I needed to decide what I wanted for the rest of my life and the first thing that came to mind was to go back to writing. I'm a bit rusty and out of practice, it's been 30 something years since I wrote anything worth reading, one could say that I am learning the craft all over again. From the ground up. I suffer from "writer's shyness", afraid that my work will either go unread or won't be appreciated because that's how my life was-unimportant. Despite that fear I am still going to muscle my way through it and do what I should have been doing all along because writers write because they were born to.

At present I am writing at a novice level because I have forgotten a lot of things over the years but they are slowly coming back to me and hopefully I will soon be writing things that people will want to read because the work resonates with them.


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I am a novice writer looking for my niche while working on perfecting my writing skills.

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author avatar Mariah
15th Jul 2013 (#)

Well good luck with continued writing Mary, hope it brings you much fulfillment.

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author avatar Mary Haswell
15th Jul 2013 (#)

Thank you, Mariah!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jul 2013 (#)

just keep on doing Mary...and enjoy it all...

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author avatar Mary Haswell
18th Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks for all the support!! I'm glad I found WikiNut when I did!!

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
13th Mar 2014 (#)

Good evening, Mary, just found this. I would also encourage you to continue writing, improving, and joining in on discussions in comments. It is a caring, helpful community. ~Marilyn

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