It is hard to kick against the pricks…

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It is hard to kick against the pricks of the simplicity of Jesus' teachings though they have been muddied to the point many makes no sense - everything somehow being a mystery and a why, ignoring the fact that God gives answers to all who seek him.

It is hard to kick against the pricks…

Nathanael was a fish out of water; he didn’t want to ask, but the others edged him on. “Master, how can the Pharisees be evil? John the Baptist said the same thing but I never understood it. How can the Priest go into the Holy of Holies and still be evil?”
Jesus looked at Nathanael for a moment, and shifted slightly on the plush pillow, as one of the entourage gave him a fresh cup of goat’s milk.
“The Ark of the Covenant was the Holy of Holies; that was the hidden truth Israel never considered. The Priest stood in the very presence of God singularly because of the Ark. If you were not right with him, you would die. As you know, in the beginning, our forefathers tied a rope around the Priest’s ankles just in case, so his corpse could be removed safely.
“But after the Lord took the Ark of the Covenant to Heaven, the danger of a Priest being in the presence of an absolute holy God defacto did not exist. If Israel was worthy of the Ark, the Priesthood could have never been overthrown, for none can stand before God with evil boiling in their hearts. That’s why the Holy of Holies’ heavy curtain is really meaningless. The One is never there – it is just another room for them to plot their evil now…
“Do you believe The One would allow Herod the Great, that soul who hated his Creator to renovate his Temple, if his Spirit really dwelt there?”
Simon Peter exclaimed, “You make it so simple; that’s why all men seek thee,”
“You have eyes to see,” Jesus added, “And that is a blessing indeed.”
Simon Peter was a changed man – the emotional toll of the unending miracles was mind-boggling. As he was listening to Jesus, he remembered the way he used to be – the spiritual paled to the tyranny of the Romans. This man was truly a God, despite whatever the Pharisees sputtered about him. And he sadly realized that Matthew was more righteous than he was.
As he was pondering these things, a lone Pharisee with the breastplate of twelve stones on his chest, snaked his way through the crowds towards Jesus, as everyone wondered what these enemies would do. The entourage kept their hands on their swords eyeing him and his guards keenly; they would protect him with their lives.
The man walked up to and fell to his face before Jesus, saying, “I am Jarius (He will awaken), I am on the ruler of elders of the synagogue here. My little daughter is dying.”
He drowned in the tension surrounding him.
A tear fell and continued, “I know we are supposed to be enemies but I beg you, come and lay your hands on her so she may live.”
“Take me to her,” Jesus said. So nine hundred men walked the road to Jarius’ huge compound – he was a y wealthy Priest having many servants and slaves.
As they entered the courtyard, one of his servants, fighting tears, said, “Thy daughter is dead: why trouble the Master any further?”
Jarius’ knees buckled hard.
Jesus said, “Be not afraid, only believe in me.”
Simon Peter, James, and John went inside. Jesus went into the house and saw the tumult of those who wept for money wailing greatly; he had great compassion.
Jesus smiled ignoring the suffocating grief, “Why are you crying? She is not dead but is only sleeping.”
They paused in shock, then laughed in nervous indignation, and then outrage exploded amongst the household.
Jesus screamed, “Get out!” And they threw out the mourners into the courtyard, while Jarius and the multitudes stood numb at the pandemonium before them.
And Jesus left the house and asked Jarius, his tearful wife, and immediate family to accompany him. And they went into her room; the disciples stood guard outside where she laid cold on the bed.
Jesus took her unresponsive hand, “Damsel; I say unto thee, arise.” The girl immediately arose running to her mother. She was twelve years old.
The family shuddered with a great astonishment, and Jarius’ wife and three others hit the floor hard...
Jesus turned to a violently trembling Jarius, “Do not speak about what you saw – and get her something to eat.” And the whole household fell to their knees giving praises to The One.
Jarius invited Jesus to stay the night; he slept in an empty room while his disciples slept on the other side of the compound in a great room used for social functions. Jesus’ entourage slept in the large courtyard in small shelters; and the disciples and Simon Peter could not sleep.
A single lamp pierced the darkness of the room. “I told my wife I won’t be gone too long, promising I would be back within the month,” Matthew lamented as everyone listened within the flickering darkness.
“The fishing is hopeless, no one is catching anything – that is why I follow him,” Simon Peter said softly. “I told my wife I’d be gone a couple months, she was seriously not happy, but with my savings and the big catch, my family will be all right.”
“Why did you lie to her and yourself?” Mathew inquired.
Peter turned and looked at him, with his furrows in his forehead, lost in thought: “Lie?”
“You know you’ll never go back. How can anything be more important than what this Rabbi’s doing, not your wife, not your children, not your family – I see that in you Simon Peter.”
James interjected, “He comes from God. I mean I could see a prophet healing now and then; even the prophets of old were capable of that. But this man heals everyone without exceptions: I’ve seen thousands of people healed by hi simply speaking.”
“Unbelievable – that girl today was dead. I was there Andrew, she was cold as marble.” John added.
“I will,” Peter said.
“You will what?”
“I will come back to my wife and family. I will see my children’s smiles again, I will lie in the arms of my wife like I used to, and I will not dedicate my whole life to this…” Simon Peter paused pensively, “I really love my family.”
“Despite that fact, you will not do that Peter; you lie to yourself. You’ll never be a family man, never fish again, never get drunk again, and you’ll never call Capernaum your home again. None of us will. We’ll never be the same again, and neither will the lives of everyone in Israel.” Mathew answered deep in thought.
Simon Peter looked at Matthew conflicted, not knowing what to say. Matthew continued,” I am giving up way more than you are. If necessary, you can always return to your fishing anytime. I can’t ever collect taxes again – I resigned. Someone has already taken my place.”
Before Peter could formulate a response, a yawning Jesus entered the room.
“I can’t sleep either, he said smiling widely. Everyone sat up, as he sat down lotus between their pallets.
“Jesus, can I ask you a question?”
“Go ahead, John.”
“When you were talking about the son who took his inheritance, what did it really mean?”
“Simon Peter can tell you,” Jesus said looking straight at him.
Simon Peter cleared his throat. “I don’t know if I am right but this is what I got out of it. The Master was telling a story to illustrate a deep spiritual truth. The father of the house was God, and the foolish son represented mankind. We all fall astray from God doing stupid things against him, and when we repent, we can always come back to The One, and he will take us back with love every time even though we do not deserve it.”
“But what do you say it means Master; is Simon right?” Nathanael asked.
“Yes; that is the superficial meaning.”
“Then tell us what it really means then,” Philip said shifting on his cot getting more comfortable.
“Well,” Jesus replied. “The father represents The One; that is true. But on a deeper level, the son, in this story, represents those who have freewill.”
“What do you mean, I don’t understand.”
Jesus paused pensively thinking for a moment. “There are three types of souls in the flesh creation, the Election, Freewill, and the Tares, which are the five races of mankind. Only the Election doesn’t have freewill because they belong to The One, even before birth. The majority of creation has freewill, because their status was based on actions and works that were accomplished in the first Heaven after Lucifer’s fall. They did not make the right decisions or remained innocent; they stumbled and fell in the world that was.”
“So, The One is fair, giving them the same freewill they had there - here. The One will gently knock on their hearts, for they are not totally his, they are not married to him. Yet, he desires them to use their freewill to find salvation, and be pleasing to him by wanting to live in the eternities they were constructed for. The One refuses to impose his will on Freewill because they are not totally his because of their perfidy in the last incarnation. There is no trust in freewill, for if they invited The One into their hearts, they can backslide anytime without consequence.
“If they make it, they will be married at the end of the second universe when the age of sin is over, for he will invite them to the final marriage and supper; and then he will joyfully accept them to wife in the eternal brotherhood of life.
"Nevertheless, Luciah's progeny, the Tares, who were cursed in the Garden, will rule over all his children. They shall be a small all-powerful shadow nation, carrying out the negative aspects of the plan of redemption. Their singular function is to test all souls with an iron hand.”
“Tell us if the Election are better than Freewill peoples?” Phillip asked.
Jesus answered. “The Election simply made all the right decisions did not stumble or fall as the rest of Heaven did in one way or another. Election are not better than Freewill; it’s about different functions in the tapestry of The One’s plans within the generations of mankind. And regardless of that function, everyone will return to God, for to be absent from the flesh is to return instantly to your origin: an Angelic indestructible immortal creation originally constructed at the Great Construction of souls so long ago.
"The Election were loyal; suppose for a moment they fell into perfidy in the flesh and forgot their Creator. Would it be fair for God to condemn them when they were perfect when it really counted - after he forced them into the flesh? I think not. I bring to remembrance the scriptures; one-third of all creation fell to Lucifer, and another five-eighths were found seriously wanting – though they did not worship Lucifer defacto.
“Therefore, God mightily interferes in the lives of those who are Election; they are required to do his will without their consent, because they belonged to him from the beginning. When they die, can never say The One is unfair because he will maintain the salvation they earned before they were ever born into the flesh.
“The One will not knock on the door of their hearts, because they are his; he will do whatsoever to ensure they do his will. Therefore, God will not hesitate to kick in the door to their hearts. For even in the womb before they first open their eyes, they are his; they are literally born saved for they are God’s, were God’s, and will always be his; their names already immutably burned into the book of life
"And The One does whatsoever he wills with them, even though they will not remember what they did before, or who they really are. He will twist time and places, protect them, chastise them for their own good, move others to support and teach them until the day he reveals himself to them. He took the Election to wife to fulfill whatever destiny he proposes; they are the elite soldiers in the war of the minds inundating this fallen world."
“Why Jesus - is it necessary for God’s children to experience evil? Wouldn’t a good God who impossibly loves his children, make life fair” John asked. No scribe or Pharisee spoke of such things; it was impossible to ask intelligent questions and expect intelligent answers – it was always money, dogma, rules, more rules: a painful guilt-ridden existence brutally taxing the spirit.
Jesus looked at John and marveled, “If The One knew who would love or hate him, none of his children would be subject to evil - he wouldn't have constructed their souls. This is common sense; The One is incapable of creating a lion in the nursery. How can he love the nursery and then create a lion, with full knowledge of its nature and claim to love the nursery? God never created evil. He cannot predict freewill for the children do what they will despite his wishes, for their thoughts and emotions are generated independently of him. How can God predict what has not been generated yet?
“The problem John is the attributes of God have been skewed by the Evil One to the point they make no sense…”
“The Pharisees say he is omnipotent, omnipresence, and omniscience,” Andrew interrupted.
“What does that mean?” Simon Peter asked.
“John the Baptist taught you well Andrew; omnipotence means The One has the power to do anything he desires, while omnipresence means he is everywhere at once, in all places all the time. This is where men lie and muddy the water; omniscience means he knows all things even before a soul thinks of it. This means God already knows what you are going to do before you do it – he knows ahead of time everything a soul will ever do, think, or say, even before he even created the soul.
The One was never omniscience, for he would never create any soul that would absolutely hate him someday – he wouldn’t have created Lucifer knowing what he would do and then confess he loves his children. That doesn’t even pass the straight face test!
“The One wanted love generated independently of his wants, desires, and wishes. For even The One, is incapable of coercing or compelling love, for then it wouldn't be genuine. True love must be generated independently of any external force. This is the mechanism of all freewill constructions; you cannot make someone love you. With all the mighty powers God commands, there postulations within this simplest of truths. But, The One still created all souls with freewill anyway, knowing this - for he wanted family.
“I have never heard this before.”
“Your fathers used to know this; your religious leadership was corrupted by Satan; each generation incrementally spiritually retarded because of the errors of Joshua. And what gets me is though there is a synagogue in even the smallest of towns, they believe Satan corrupted the whole world, but somehow the congregation believes he is too stupid to corrupt the so-called bastions of the Word of God. That is their error, to trust that which is corrupt, by nature of the thespian religious pomp and stance, long-winded titles, elaborate fancy robes, degrees awarded by man, and gilded ornate buildings erroneously called his house.”
“Master, remember when you talked about Heaven being like a pearl and all that? Can you tell us plainly what Heaven will be like?” John asked.
“Heaven is brimming with unknown wonders, and uncountable universes; there are five golden threads weaved into the tapestry of creation; total peace, brotherhood, purpose, newness, and love. It is truth, not evens the Angels are capable of imagining the wonders, future technologies and universes The One will breathe for those who love him.”
“If we were actually in Heaven before,” Nathanael interjected, “how come we don’t remember any of this?”
“The One allowed no memories of the prior Heaven or what happened there. No one can remember, for mankind’s destiny was to be born innocent of woman: to make the choice that should've been made in the first Heaven and to experience death without its finality. The One destroyed the prior Heaven; it died out of his great love for you, not for the punishment mankind perceives the flesh to be, because of the evil in the world. For when this flesh age is over, Heaven will swell with the brotherhood and love that ruled in all the backward eternities…”
“I’m sorry Master,” Andrew said,” I’m still stuck on this Election thing. If the Election are born saved, then why are they here? They shouldn’t need to come here, because their souls don’t need redemption, true?”
Jesus stretched. “This is not a difficult subject – forgot what you were taught. Without the Elect also being in the flesh, the institutions, powers, and governments would muddy his truth to the point none will discern what brings eternal life. All will fall into deception about the nature of their Creator and his true expectations. Without the Election, the Plan of Salvation could not be possible...”
“Wait a moment,” John interrupted, “What’s The One’s Plan of Salvation?”
Jesus yawned. “It’s close to the third watch; I am tired, we will definitely talk more tomorrow. Good night; may our Lord be in you.”
Throughout the deep of the night, the disciples discussed passionately everything Jesus said, marveling at the simplicity of the mysteries revealed by this extraordinary prophet of God.
And the third day there was a marriage in the town of Cana of Galilee; and the Jesus was there with his disciples, because Mary had sent word to him. When the wedding party ran out of wine, Mary came privately to him and said, “They have no wine and they are family.”
“Mother, what does that have to do with me? My hour is not yet come.”
She gave him a stern knowing look only a mother can give and walked away, calling to the servants. “Whatsoever he says - you do it.”

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
3rd Mar 2012 (#)

I will Be Following Your works Twe Stephens, I am enjoying your visions. They do mirror my own, a refreshing feeling of understanding has come over me as I read your writes Please do keep them going Thank you dear Brother in Christ our Lord Jesus Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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4th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you. This is the reason I write, to drive people deeper into the Word of God, and to think and study for themselves.

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