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We keep learning all through life ,we have to remember the lessons we learn as we grow older and need the knowledge. Knowledge is something no one can ever take away from you..

Use your knowledge to make money.

Onetime many years ago I was told some things by a very learned, uneducated man. At the time some of them did not make sense and now as I get older I find them to be true. Now I am saying them to my own sons, did you ever hear the expression “Don’t take any wooden nickels”? Years ago they did have wooden nickels, but they weren’t worth anything.

The one that got me was “you can’t sell apples from an empty wagon” at the time I never had any apples to sell. A while later I bought an orchard, then it made sense. We went out selling apples from the back of the pickup; we had to have it full so we could sell. It was funny; the more baskets we had in the truck the more we sold. I guess it was that we had enough so they could pick the basket they thought had the best apples.

As you may have guessed the learned guy I talked about was my dad and you know the older I get the smarter I find he was. The saying he had that was special and so true was: “it takes money to make money” nothing could be truer than that. Think about it, could you sell me wood for my fire unless you had gone out and cut it and had it stacked and ready for me to load into my truck? First you have to buy the wood, then cut it up, stack it and wait for me to buy, remember you had to buy the wood, then do the work getting it ready for sale, then when I pay you, you get paid for the wood and the labor of getting it ready to sell to me.You have to have goods or some service to sell so you can make some money. If you have money then you can buy something from someone else and help them make money. It’s not that you are doing it to help them but if they have something you need and you buy it, then it helps them and you at the same time.
“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”


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started writing 2 yr ago, to help afriend with some research. i enjoyed it and decided i would do thi on my own, i still enjoy. i write alot of personal stories and health articles.

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author avatar Buzz
31st Oct 2012 (#)

Good and sage advice, Joe. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
1st Nov 2012 (#)

thanks the comment

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Nov 2012 (#)

No one buys promises that prove mostly empty. Great share - siva

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
2nd Nov 2012 (#)


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