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First of the many unearthed, unpublished articles I wrote before.

(From The Rummage Pile in the Hard Drives. First of the many, i hope. )

One Sunday morning, I attended mass with my family in our church. We were a little late and got the available seats at the back, several pews away from the altar. We heard the gospel then sat down for the homily. A family of five was in front of us- two girls and a boy, just like my family. The little boy asked for the bangles his mom was wearing. The mom was hesitant at first but eventually agreed and gave the intertwined metallic loops to her son. As soon as the boy got hold of the bangles, he smiled genuinely and started banging the bracelets on every surface he can see-the plastic chair he was seated in, the marble floor, his shoes. He kept on banging and smiling then laughing. He was happy. He was content. Then the homily ended and the kid had to stand up and give the bangles back to his mom.

For some people, this would seem to be the most worthless distraction any person can pay attention to instead of listening intently to mass. I learned something priceless from the boy. While the kid was playing, my brain processed not only the scenario but what were all the theories and concepts holding up that scenario (nerdy me). All the mechanisms in producing and receiving sound, the differences in sound produced by different surfaces, the capability of the kid to make sound and recognize that and so on. I stared at the kid again and just saw him smiling, not because he knew all these things, not because he won an award, not because he gained power. He was smiling because he was genuinely happy and content being able to have mom’s bangles and play like that. That simple, that easy.

I forgot how it felt to appreciate just being able to learn, to love, to live, sometimes even more than others are capable of giving/receiving. I suddenly remembered how attainable happiness and contentment was. I was just adding complexities to happiness through my multiple wants in the past few months. Now I want to change that shroud of useless complexity over me and channel my energy to things that matter more. I need to just appreciate what I have and never take them for granted (or at least remember to give them importance more often than taking them for granted. That would make all the difference in the world.

After the mass, I walked off with my family, thinking I had my own set of bangles to bang and I would be happy and content right after.

Maybe one of the best homilies I’ve had in my life.


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author avatar lisalatouche
3rd Jun 2011 (#)

It is amazing how much we strive for happiness in the complexities of life when it exists in simple little things. Great article

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author avatar ilamites
4th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks lisatouche. :) It is amazing how much we take forgranted everyday. :D

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