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Some basic facts about the Islamic religion. I hope that you find it useful.



Qur’an: the holy book of Arab

Mosque: a simple Islamic place of worship

Revelations: messages from God, compiled into the Qur’an

Hijrah: an emigration

Prophets: religious leaders

Ka’bah: Islam’s holiest shrine, it is located in Mecca


All Muslims follow the same 5 basic pillars:

There is no god but God, and his last prophet is Muhammad
Say 5 prayers a day, facing Mecca
Help the poor and less fortunate in any way you can (help, give time, money, or just smile)
During the holy month, you can’t eat or drink between sunrise and sunset (to show what it feel like to be less fortunate)
Must travel to Mecca and visit the Ka’bah at least 1 time in your life (if you can afford it)
They believe that Muhammad was the last of a series of prophets including Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad. Jesus wasn’t the son of God.


Islam means “to achieve peace through submission to God”
Islam is the religion, Muslims are the followers
Their form of dates started in 622 A.D. (1 A.H., for After Hijrah) so 2010 A.D. would be 1389 A.H.
Their religious center is Mecca
They call God Allah
They have a judgement day where good people go to their afterlife in Heaven and evil people go to the afterlife in Hell based on their life
It is practiced by 20% of the world’s population
It spread very quickly
It has 2 major groups all sharing the same main ideas, and also some other smaller sub-groups
They are all Muslim, they don’t care about race, nationality, or other differences as long as they share the same religion

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Thanks for sharing such useful info.

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