Is your child addicted to the internet?

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Is your child addicted to the internet? Read on to find out.

The Signs..

With children getting younger and younger using the internet and having their own laptops, internet addiction is no longer merely a myth.

Psychologists are trying to get internet addiction into the next addition of the DSM, and it seems more than likely that they will do this sucessfully.


Does your child spend a lot of time on the internet?

Does your child seem withdrawn?

Does your child struggle making conversation with their friends or family?

Does your child seem to be snacking on junk food rather than eating proper meals?

In their school work suffering?

..If any of the above ring a bell to you, then perhaps your child could be addicted to the internet. The best thing to do in this case is to limit their access straight away. It is unfair, in my opinion, to remove the access completely, as a lot of today’s social events are planned on social networking sites.

I would recommend that a child is allowed one hour per night, providing all homework and chores are done, to access websites of their choice (obviously within reason) on the internet. Once this hour is up, they need to get off the internet, and participate in an activity which requires physical activity. This is to help prevent them from becoming unfit my sitting at a computer screen all day.


If this applies to your child, and it becomes more serious, you should see a doctor. This is an addiction which can be just as harmful as any other, so needs to be treated properly.


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