Is volunteering a service to society?

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Volunteering is a sense of self dedicated service to the cause of the society. Whenever in times of distress and calamities. we respond to the clarion call of the nation. The volunteers may have faced initial hurdles but will soon overcome and enjoy the pleasure of the work to theirs' heart content.


Volunteers occupy the central role in social service.In times of crisis like earthquakes,train accidents, floods,and droughts ,Swachh Bharat Mission (clean India green India) across the country the volunteers of ,the clubs,the schools, the colleges and the universities have come in large numbers to discharge their duties. It is a sense of dedication to mankind .Without raising any questions all the volunteers take part in the job without waiting for any remuneration.. During earthquakes,train accidents, floods and droughts the volunteers come in batches and do the duty of rescuing the distressed people from the earthquake area,train accident site, flood/drought affected areas to the safer places.They make necessary arrangement for food and clothing. They arrange for their safe drinking water They perform their duties with utmost care.sacrificing their own comforts and at the risk of their lives. The govt employees along with the help of volunteers perform their duties day and night. All the political parties also press their workers to serve as volunteers in the earthquake, floods and the droughts. In major crisis the Armies are called in to render their active help to the civilian administration and the affected people.The volunteers play a crucial role in the procurement and transhipment of food materials and clothes from the non-affected areas of the country..

Who are volunteers?

Volunteers are those youths who selflessly take part in the operation of rescuing the distressed people from the affected sites with utmost care. They are so motivated by humanity that they do not care for their lives and jump into the work. They do not claim for their remuneration. Fortunately for mankind ,this instinct of social service in the form of volunteers is natural to many. The Ramakrishna Mission, The Bharat Sevasram Sangha , many reputed NGOs , do not lack devoted workers for their acts of philanthropy in tthe country. Similarly the World Health Organization ,the UNESCO, the UNICEF, the Red Cross , the Rockfeller foundation etc are social service institutions,serve the people of the whole world.

Volunteering- an important social commitment

Our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks,"Wherever we see filth or see someone throwing garbage why don't feel like picking that up? I know this will not be accomplished only by publicity campaign.Old habits take time to change. It's a difficult task,but we have time till 2019 when we shall be observing 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi" The followings are the programmes under Swachh Bharat Mission to be implemented by the respective organisations and the volunteers all over the country.
!) Swachh Bharat,Swachh Vidyalaya-construction of toilets.
2)Rejuvenating Rivers,
3)Clean Hospitals-A Healthy india,
4)Railways: Clean trains,Hygienic Platforms,
5)Ganga: Lifeline to crores of Indians,
6)Swachh Bharat Mission: A People's movement,
7)Clean villages reflect Clean India,
8)Solar Power:Clean,Abundant and Renewable source,
9)Wind power:Plentiful and Pollution free source,
10)Himalayas: Nerve center of Country's Climate,
11)Boost to Afforestation-Protection of Wild Life.
If the volunteers do not come in numbers and participate in implementation of the aforesaid programmes, our country can never be Clean India and Green India.


Without the service of volunteers rushing from the adjoining areas of the affected sites,immediate rescue operation is not at all possible . It may be the case of Rail accident, or collapse of multi-storeyed building or earth quake or floods or droughts.Those who are rich may donate fund for the distressed people through the PM/CM's relief fund. In normal times the riches usually come forward to set up schools and the hospitals in the locality so that the poor people may take the chances of education and proper medical treatment.

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