Is the family relationship really stronger than all other relationships in the society?

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If we examine all kinds of relationships of a family like husband and wife,father-son,father-daughter,mother-son,mother- daughter brother-sister etc the husband and wife relation is the most important relation in the society. No family life can subsist without the interdependance of the husband and the wife.


Relationship is a term which may defined as mutual dependance of the person(s) bound by love,affection,mutual trust and faith with each other. Relationships are not mechanical but bound by emotions in a family. Mutual respect , affection and trust are the corner stones of a family life.These are not the be-all and end-all of the relationships. Husband and wife relationship is the most sacred one.Both of them come together and get themselves united in marriage, starting a new family. It can not be denying the fact that sex is the driving force of life. Without sex life cannot be produced. Husband -wife relationships are strengthened by pure and erotic love. As soon as a baby is born, the umbilical cord coming out of the mother's womb signifies that the relation of the mother with the baby is strong.. Both the husband and the wife pick up quick roles to nurture the baby. Accordingly modification of the role of parents takes place in the family and the society.Gradually in the years to come.the parents are more inclined to their newly born sons and daughters. They do not take care of other relationships in the family. They may be identified as selfish lot. But they have no other way to reconcile with other relationships.

Stronger family relationship

It is the responsibility of husband and wife to remain alert that as a man and woman they are competent enough to establish a new family . They should be matured ,physically fit and mentally alert. Financially they should be so sound that they are in mental peace to take care of all sorts of expenditure . Then it is the love ,romance and ,affection that blossoms in the hearts It is also said that love knows boundary limits. It is the love that brings together two grown up adults. It is the love that cements the relationships. Love makes both the man and woman understand each other. If the relationships get strained after marriage, both the partners remain in deep pain, They even think of their futile life ,having no utility. The matter becomes serious turn when the relationships are strained after birth of a child. Hence the sweet relationships should be so strengthened that it can not be broken under any circumstances. The husband,wife and other members of the family including close friends and relatives should take the responsibility to defuse the misunderstandings. that have cropped up in their minds. It is a pleasure to set up a new family. It is similarly heartrending and distasteful affair when it is broken up.


Of all relationships in the family as well as in the society, husband and wife relationship is the most important one.Apart from this, all other relationships have a significant and complementary role in making the family vibrant and lively. It is needless to mention that all other relationships do not bear so much pain when they are separate from one another. But the sufferings are felt so much when husband and wife are separated


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