Is life a balance sheet of numbers?

Mahesh Golani By Mahesh Golani, 6th Mar 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Is life to day just an accounts balance! Has it lost its instructive value? Is it to be measured only with money?

Why is life counted by counters? why is there today so much love for numbers?

Being a chartered accountant, I am a man of numbers. I have also grown up in the fraternity of Accountants and Managers so therefore you can very well understand the fragility as well as the rock solid strength of a number. A number has a life and it also has a character.
There can be bad and of course good numbers. Bad balance sheets and good balance sheets. The worth of an individual or that of a nation’s economy is represented in numbers. The more number in our lives the more we count. Everybody in the world is counting today. A child counts pocket money, an employee counts his salary, an entrepreneur his profits and so is the finance ministry, bankruptcy to a greedy nation…..everybody counts. Which brings me back to the main point?. People spend more time counting than living…
Counting of numbers begins at an early age in the kindergarten and somehow does not seem to die till death. Are numbers so important? Einstein once remarked “ Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted” We seem to love numbers in the form of Balance sheets, business plans, budgets, salaries, valuations….
When are we going to stop counting and start thinking? Don’t you think its time now to think of bigger things in life. We would need to count bigger assets and not just financial affairs and numbers of the firm, company, state or nation. Let us sleep over it and revisit it soon. In the year 1972, the then young Bhutanese King Wanchuck was asked about the GDP of his country, he shot back “ The rich are not always happy, after all, while the happy generally consider themselves rich. So I suggest that a nation must be measured by GNH – Gross National Happiness” Can we make the intangible tangible?
Let us have a reality check on how many times we count the same thing again and again, sometimes in awe and other times in disbelief and sometimes in shock too, but counting goes on nonetheless.
Let us not lead a life of counters; let us live. Let the world have less of tellers and cashiers in the real life. The substance prevails over form. Wealth should not be measured in terms of numbers but in terms of successful human beings. Health is not merely blood count. It is the state of mind too. Bank balance is not merely a figure; it is a sense of stability. Cash or money is not for counting, it is for sharing. It is for spending and investing. Counting is not living. Living is living


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you are right counting is not living!

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