Is it Possible to Be a Super Mom

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Is it too much to ask that we should be super moms or is this something we should aspire to. This article is my opinion on how I want to be a super mom and what I will do to get there.

Being a super mom.

As a single mother, I try to do it all and it occurred to me, is it possible. I wondered, am I doing too much? Am I going to be able to keep this up? What really defines being a super mom and can I do it?

Every day I get up and prepare my children for their day at school, ensure they have a good meal before I send them off, walk down to the bus stop with them and make sure they safely board the bus. I go back to our house, take my dogs out then begin working. I am a freelancer who works from home. I devote 4 hours a day to work then it is time to clean the house, do laundry, and by the time that it done I need to start dinner so it is ready for them when they get home. Once they are home it is all about homework, playing outside, dinner, baths, and movies.

I do not feel like a super mom so what exactly is a super mom? By definition, a super mom is someone who performs traditional duties, such as taking care of the house and raising the kids while having a job. That does not seem very super in my mind because many people think they raise their kids, think their house is clean, and in no way is it even close to my standards. So the question remains, what is a super mom? In my opinion, a super mom's house is always spotless, and smells wonderful, she bakes and cooks meals from scratch. Her children are well taken care of, always look presentable, use their manners, and are over all happy children. I believe a super mom works hard, doesn't waste time napping or playing games when there is money to be made. I believe she uses all of her talents in order to provide for her children. I also believe a super mom should be healthy and in shape providing an example to her children.

I am not this woman, yet. I think it is possible to become this kind of mother, this woman who can do everything and still be beautiful, happy, and energetic. How do we become this type of mom? I think it is important to try to improve upon yourself every single day, try to get more done today than you did yesterday. Try to get an extra smile from your children or come up with a surprise way to show them you love them.

I really want to be this type of woman and I am going to make small changes every day so when my children grow up they can say my mom really was super.


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11th Aug 2014 (#)

It sounds like the mister missed out out having a bona fide super person as a partner. The kids derived all the benefits of you. Lucky them! I love your can-do attitude!

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author avatar Brandy Morrow
11th Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks, I try my best.

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