Is Sex The Way to a Man's Heart?

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According to research, women have been bamboozled to think that sex is a way to a man's heart, but in reality, it is NOT. Women tend to believe that their feelings are reciprocated in the same way once they have sex with a man. But in reality, he may not feel the same level of connection.

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Men, on the other hand, don’t necessarily become attached through sex, even if the sex is fabulous.
According to a relationship expert, this statement in bold comes as a shock to most women. Society and the media give women the wrong message about sex. If you are available and good in bed, you can have any man you want. Sex is important, but it's just a small part of the picture for him. Just because a man is having sex with you doesn't mean that there will be an emotional connection. Being a sex kitten or whatever it is that women consider sexy is completely frosting on the cake for a man.

A man can find a woman very physically and sexually attractive, but that doesn't mean that if the sex is good his heart will follow. That is not the way it works for men, which is why in my recent articles I have explained why a friendship with benefit doesn't really work for women. Many women think that they can handle it and that they won't become emotionally attached, but eventually they end up becoming physically and emotionally attached to the man they are sleeping with only to find out that he wasn't feeling the same level of connection.

If you are hoping to get through a man's heart through sex, you are sadly mistaken. All you will end up with is a sex buddy. You will also end up with a broken heart once you find out that you were just a puppet he could string along.

Finally, the only road to man's heart is through his heart. According to research, the only way to a man's heart is emotional and through his heart. True connection of the heart has nothing to do with your appearance or how nice and kind you are to a guy. This will not make him dream of you every night or long to hold you in his arms.

If you want to attract a man and keep him hooked, you need to have a strong sense of self. In other words, your standards or boundaries: how should a man treat me? If he is not treating you the way you deserve, it's time to walk away from rude and disrespectful behavior. It doesn't matter whether you like him a little or a lot. There are certain things that you won't tolerate when you know what it is that you want from a man. All women have the power to hypnotize a man. By changing certain patterns in your behavior and communicating your feelings in a non-judgmental way, you are not only making it safe for him, but you automatically become that magnetic and irresistible woman every man dreams of. Once this kind of woman “hooks” a man, nothing can stand in the way of him wanting to be with her… not his work, not his past, not his desire for a life of bachelorhood and “freedom.” He chooses to be with her because he will be happier with her in it.

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author avatar satan fury
11th Sep 2010 (#)

Yes, and that's why I am the love doctor. But I am still learning about men.

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author avatar dak
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Great article.Thanks for sharing your thought.

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author avatar satan fury
16th Sep 2010 (#)

You are welcome

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