Is Sex Addiction Real?

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Is sex addiction real, or is it just a new made up disease that allows people to behave however they want?

The new popular disease.

Ok I know that some people really believe they have what is called sex addiction, but I believe it is all a big load of crap. I think it is an excuse for someone, usually men, to run around, cheat on their wives, do whatever they want to, and people say “Oh well it’s ok they have a disease that makes them do it.” Pardon me for a second but I call BULLSH!T. A porn star checks into rehab saying she is addicted to sex, uh no you just found something you’re good at and learned how to make money doing it and now you don’t want to give up the money.
Men get caught cheating on their wives with 20+ people and say oh well I am a sex addict, No you are a dog! These people need to get over their self and stop being selfish is their only problem. Take someone elses feelings into consideration every once in a while. Get some self control!!!! This is what happens when spoiled brats turn into adults. They see something and they want it so instead of saying “No I’m married” or “I don’t need the money that bad” they just do it and don’t worry about the consequences.
So please already, it is enough I am tired of hearing about it and maybe if we would all call them out for what they truly are instead of making excuses for them this would all be put to an end!!!


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18th Jan 2012 (#)

Interesting to say the least

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18th Jan 2012 (#)

@johnydod Thank you(I think), I have very strong opinions about things and I am not afraid to voice those opinions.

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