Is It True That Our Sexual Instinct Is What Makes Us Acknowledge And Appreciate Beauty?

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What makes us attractive to an individual? Why do we love some certain type of people? Why are we attracted to someone and not attracted to the next person? I had a personal experience in Class of which I want to share here in order to make this point.

The Uncircumcised Men!

I was in a sport Bar one day, just about watching a Champions' League Match and some of my female friends were there as well (coincidentally) to watch. As foreigners in Ukraine, the guys freely and happily date Ukrainian women of which they are very pretty if not one of the prettiest sets of women in the world, they are actually the most. But on the contrary the Black girls in Ukraine are not interested at all in their Men and out of curiosity, we the guys initiated a conversation on this issue. We were 4 guys and 4 ladies and immediately I asked why, two girls simultaneously said "Their Men aren't circumcised" and still in a split second the other two screamed 'it's true!"

Wow! I am so flabbergasted to know this. We are not even talking about something too serious and the first thing that comes to their Mind about the Ukrainian guys is been circumcised? I couldn't believe this answer. I was expecting answers like "They are not caring enough, they do not seem responsible enough, I do not think they can value a woman enough, they are not romantic" etc. Why the issue of circumcision been a major factor of dating a man? By the way, uncircumcised men are Men and Humans and there is nothing wrong with them.

It is obvious what first comes into the mind is sex and if a person seem not sexually accepted, then he cannot even date? I am very sure this reason does not exist only to those who want to date men but as well who want to marry. We have left the true reason of intimacy and are now chasing after the minor ones. Yeah, you have the right to choose a Man based on your taste of circumcision or also who is a heavy weight in Bed but what about the other and more vital aspect of a relationship? Why sex first before others? Isn't it the reason of the rampant break-ups today?

Henry Louise Mencken's Quote

Henry Louise Mencken quoted "it is the sex instinct which makes women seem beautiful, which they are, once in a blue Moon, and Men seem wise and Brave, which they never are, at all". What comes to mind after reading this?

Some decades ago in Africa and Asia, the ancient and traditional Men go for ladies whom they believe can give birth to children, take care of the family when they hunt, make sure the children are fine and mentally strong to protect the family with them. Whereas, the ladies go for men who are bold, courageous, strong, can cater for the family, can hunt, very hardworking and a Man highly respected. I am talking about those days when they tie only leaves. Now what has happened? I guess they were even more civilized in terms of this issue back then, than we are right now. Dating for the wrong reasons will definitely land you into the wrong relationship and going for the right reasons entails looking deeper than the cutaneous level of the skin. It entails knowing the personality, able to love the positive and see if you can tolerate the other side (since no one is perfect). Such a blend can never dwell on the superficial but on deeper factors which are what make up the beauty of an individual, hence it is totally false to think our sexual instincts is what makes us acknowledge beauty. If we really want to get involved in a relationship, we should look beyond the genitals unless if the relationship is defined solely on sex.


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author avatar Denise O
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

When I first met my husband some decades ago, he was not the usual guy I dated and was attracted to, I have to say the way he carried himself and his good nature was what finally had awaken in me, the true beauty he does process.I have never regretted my choice and it was a wake up call for me and how I was judging men for all the wrong reasons. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Funom Makama
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

Woow!~~~ Most women need testimonies like this. There are still good men out there no many how small they are in number and we should in no way use the wrong reasons to commit.
Thanks for your comment Denise O.

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author avatar Lambasted
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

this is just a wonderful and fascinating piece. I just got another quote from you, Dr. Funom....
"Dating for the wrong reasons will definitely land you into the wrong relationship and going for the right reasons entails looking deeper than the cutaneous level of the skin"

I will publish it soon, as your quote. You are indeed a Man of wisdom.

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author avatar Retired
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

So true...thanks for sharing...

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author avatar LOVERME
25th Nov 2011 (#)

The fact is this dear lady doctor ...
very fair and delicate women reach orgasm with great difficulty ,for a variety of reasons ,which I can't state here .Thus they get late orgasms and men swooosh within minutes, if not moments .. So lovely gals love the penis, in the place it isn't meant to be , so that the guy lasts longer and then she by then is wet and a few stokes ,she orgasms
Men have orgasmic ejaculation ,as you know. I know of a handsome fair man having an extraordinarily beautiful wife , he used her as a towel after having spelt in a black gal, every vowel Both were mature sincere and happy. end of story.Hence women favour circumcision.. hope you will explore more..

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author avatar Zeldash
10th Feb 2012 (#)

You are right But according to RULE OF NATURE the organism look for sex rather than relationship.This kind of habit is mostly seen in all animals.They just go for mating with the person with best characteristics to get desired offspring.Europeans have given new term to sex as a pleasure rather than a way to reproduce and thus we see so population today than ancient world.

Whereas Circumcision too have health benefits and low STD infections , so that's too can be the reason.

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author avatar Funom Makama
11th Feb 2012 (#)

Thanks for your contribution Zeldash!~~~ Well noted. NEvertheless, it should not be the main yardstick for a relationship...

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author avatar Barine Nakwaasah
2nd Mar 2012 (#)

You are so good. Keep this up!

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author avatar Funom Makama
4th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks and welcome to wikinut

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