Is Eternal Security Eternal?

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A brief look at the idea of "once saved always saved".

Eternal Security

Once Saved Always Saved

The doctrine of once saved Always saved comes from John 10:28-29 (And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand) Christ did absolutely say no man is able to pluck us from God’s hand. Christ did not say however we could not walk out, prefer the things of the world instead of the Word of God.

If a person who is saved turns away from God those who have the doctrine once saved always saved simply claim the person was never really saved at all. This is a simplistic answer that is not scriptural. Below is a list of Scriptures that address being saved and turning from God after being saved. A number of these are Old Testament references. According to Christ (Matt. 5:18 & Luke 16:17) that does not invalidate their use.

One important reference concerns Demas. Col 4:14, Phm 1:23-24, 2 Tim 4:10, show that Demas was a companion and fellow worker with Paul. Luke and Paul were not stupid nor were they poor judges of character. They accepted Demas and gladly worked with Demas to spread the Word of God. In 2 Tim 4:10 Paul clearly states Demas loved the world and left Paul and the work of God. This is an example of a person who was saved leaving the Lord.

To say that once a person is saved they cannot leave the Lord and walk away from their salvation borders on Gnostic believe, but with a bit if a twist. The Gnostics believed that knowledge was the primary thing to get, that the body (material world) was evil and only the spiritual mattered. The result of this philosophy being what was done with or to the body did not matter as long as the spirit was ok, through knowledge. Paul warned against this as did the other apostles. Paul most notably in 1 Timothy 6:20.

To say that a person cannot leave their salvation in Christ can easily lead to the Gnostic belief that what is done to and with the body and the material world has no bearing on their spiritual being. This means that a person can choose to not live a Christ like life and still be saved through Christ. This is inconsistent with the teachings of Christ and the apostles.

As mentioned earlier "If a person who is saved turns away from God those who have the doctrine once saved always saved simply claim the person was never really saved at all." This is an easy way out and also inconsistent with Scripture. John, Paul and Peter make the point very forcefully that there are those who did leave Christ. They were believers, saved, but chose to leave Christ and follow the world.

I hope this provides some information and clarification on the doctrine of Eternal Sceurity. Although many who believe this doctrine are truly saved the doctrine is dangerous and can allow false doctrine and great error in congregations.

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Phm 1:23-24
Heb. 6:5-6
John 10:28-29
Luke 11:24-26
2 Peter 2:20-22


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author avatar JoshuaClayton
20th Jul 2017 (#)

I am a Gnostic and a Lutheran, and I totally agree with you. I do believe absolutely that being saved is a day to day journey of consistent work and not just that's that. With that said in this comment by me, I would also like to say this: Everything in life in my reality takes consistent understanding, work, prayer and meditation. It is not just being an "enlightened yogi bear", "I get it and that is it", but a genuine journey of understanding and acting accurately on that understanding and more. So, with that, I say a simple, I understand and I practice, practice, practice "even when I get it", because it is easy to get lazy. Vigilance is the key really. I have more to say, but I will end it here before I get to 'wordy'.

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