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Educating children is not meant to grant her every wish. But what about the right way to introduce to children and teach all the best traits of courage to face difficulties.

Parents are invited to know the children, their special talents, and steer to the right path.

Larry J Koenig is one of the researchers who compiled the education system in accordance with the rules of smart parenting. The system is carried out with the experiments and performed repeatedly. According to him, the new education system in general are the results amazing, especially for young children. Because this system focuses on attention to the child, and realize that their child is the center of attention. However, children aged 10 years or more, responding to the rules of this system in a negative way. What the cause, not explained in gambling. Just described how to stop these negative responses.

How to stop it by giving children the opportunity to express their opinion. Furthermore, took up the rules as a whole, so that the child receptive to implementing smart parenting program without coercion.

Among the proposed instructions Larry J Koenig smart parenting makes the system effective, credible, and thorough as follows:
- Prohibit the opportunity to give a warning or two times that a rule does not look too important, and serious.
- Put an X on all the children who participated in this system if you violate the rules. This sign is that children do not continue the bad behavior.
- Provide a reasonable appreciation of the children who follow the rules.
- Stop criticizing, and giving 'talk' to the children who get an X. The goal for the children themselves who reproach him for the losses they suffered.
- Giving more attention to the written rules. However, the unwritten rules that have been generally must also be adhered to.
- Instilling positive beliefs.

Smart parenting program consists of two parts. First, with regard to the regulations prescribed for children run by the consequences to be borne by the event of breach. Second, regarding the planting of positive beliefs in children. Children who have a mind, and positive beliefs about themselves, they do better than those who think negatively about themselves.

Parents greatly contribute to the formation of self-confidence of children of the children themselves. In order for the establishment of an effective, three steps should be taken, first, to give positive information to the children through direct conversation. Conversations should ideally be done one hour before the child was asleep. Because the sentences at the time it will enter into the mind of a child, and echoed again and again before the child is falling asleep.

Second, talk to others about the positive side and trying to talk the child until the child indirectly. Third, write the positive information that is expected to be the nature of the child's parents. The writing on the paper were taped to each corner which always passed the child to be legible.

What about gifted children? Children who have exceptional talent supposing to have a 'special area'. Of privilege that kids can become a successful individual in later life. Unfortunately, very few people who know exactly what the 'special area' has. Fewer parents willing to 'invest' for the child's talent. Children instead of parents is projected as desired. As a result children plunged into a field that does not comply with himself.


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
12th Apr 2012 (#)

This is a good reminder to the parents of the modern world.

Beautiful presentation with points to ponder.

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author avatar 7979barb
13th Apr 2012 (#)

Good article. My theory is praise children when they do right and when they do wrong, let them know why it was wrong. More importantly though allow them to know there would be no success without failure. It is from our mistakes we learn. Babe Ruth may have held the record for the most home runs hit for the long period of time, the other record that is never spoken about is he also held the record for the most strike outs as well. It took all those strike out's to learn to do the home runs. I only disciplined my sons for two things. Lying and stealing. Pretty much every thing else was open season. Children know how to use faith and they are not burdened by mistakes of the past, we teach them that ourselves.

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author avatar D in The Darling
13th Apr 2012 (#)

Beautiful article. Insightful and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing.

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