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An interview with a four year old boy, whom I refer to as a Manling.

The manling answers questions

An interview with a four year old is much more interesting than one with a Presidential candidate.
At least you know you won't be lied to.

I: How old are you Dylan?
D: Three.( He turns four in June).

I: Do you go to school?
D: Ya, at Jodi's preschool.

I: What do they teach you in school?
D: Crafts. All crafts.

I: What is your favorite subject at school?
D: Crafts.

I: Do you have friends at school?
D: Ya, Michael goes there.


I: What you want to be when you grow up?
D: A ghost!

I: Why?
D: Cause I have a ghost costume.

I: What do you do when you're not in school?
D: I play toys.

I: How many toys do you have?
D: Three.

I: What is your favorite toy?
D: Paw Patrol. Cause Jodi has one.

I: Do you have a computer?
D: Ya, a TV computer with games in it. Ladder One game is my favorite.

I: What do you do with your computer?
D: Directions to a point. Learn to spell. Dad teaches me.


I: What kind of food do you like?
D: Ice cream! But, we don't have any.( Dylan is lactose intolerant).

I: What is your favorite food?
D: Ice cream.

I: What is your favorite dessert?
D: Ice cream.

I: Do you have any pets?
D: Ya, Trouble and Tana. Trouble's a black-and-white cat. Tana's a dog. A Lab. Tana chases Trouble. He wants to eat Trouble.

I : What's you're favorite place to go?
D: To jump into the pool. No ice-skating. I go to the beach. Dozers on the beach. Pushing the hill.

Early to bed, early to rise

I: How did you get here in Florida?
D: Fly.

I: Do you like to fly?
D:Ya, all the time in a helicopter.

I: What do you like about Florida?
D: I always have popsicles.

I: What are your political views?
D: I don't have one of those.

I: You're a smart boy!
D:( Big grin)!

I: What time do you usually go to bed?
D: Six.

I: What time do you usually get up in the morning?
D: Three.

Dylan with friends

I: Do you watch TV?
D: Ya, sometimes.

I: What do you like to watch on TV?
D: Mickey Mouse, Snoopy.

I: Do you watch TV a lot or just a little?
D: A little. Sometimes Mom doesn't let me. Mom watches too sometimes.

I:How many friends you have?
D: Three.

I: Do you have a girlfriend?
D: Ya, Julia.

Off the record

I: What movies have you seen?
D: Clifford.

I: What games do you like to play?
D: Checkers. Shutes and Ladders. Baseball.

I: What's that game I've seen you play where you throw a ball through a hoop?
D: Basketball. Dad's building one in the house. He even has one.

I: Do you have a bicycle?
D: Ya.

I: How many wheels doesn't have?
D: Two. We're giving it away.

I: Is it too small?
D: Ya.

Some off the record comments:

D: I'm the boss. Mom's a boss. Dad too.

D: I gotta pee!

Dylan's a Manling of few words.
Presidential candidates should take note.

Photo credits

The interview
Photo by Gramma Donna

Dylan with toys
Photo by Author

Dylan with Montana
Photo by Mom

Joe Cool Dylan
Photo by author

Dylan with friends
Photo by Jodi

L to R- Dad, Tana, Dylan and Mom
Photo by selfie


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2nd Apr 2015 (#)

Dylan for President! Montana for VP!

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author avatar Jen Holcomb
9th Apr 2015 (#)

LOVE IT!! That came out so great!! Your right, I would trust a preschoolers word over a politicians anyday! I will repost. The pics are great and had a great time with you Chip!!

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