Interruptions And Good Manners

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Good manners and politeness in social gathering, specifically when making interruptions,

Interruptions And Good Manners

How many times has this kind of situation happen to you? You are having a conversation or rather important discussion with someone. And then, another person – maybe a friend, or acquaintance – comes, and without an ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry for butting in”, immediately launches into what they want to say and totally take over the conversation. Your own conversation is left unfinished, and you feel dissatisfied with the situation and the other person’s attitude.

This happens to me every day, at least once, and it’s very frustrating. Dealing with this kind of impolite behaviour from children is bad enough, but when adults do it, too, it is twice the headache!

What would you do? Do you politely inform them that they’re interrupting, and to wait? Or do you just let them talk and wait for another opportunity to continue your interrupted conversation with the other person?

Polite society dictates that interrupting other people is bad manners. At the very least, if it cannot wait and there is an emergency hanging in the balance, then before interruption say, “Excuse me, but…” or “I’m sorry, but…”, and then when people acknowledge you, speak.

This was how my parents raised me, to not interrupt when other people are already talking, and to wait for my turn. Unless it is something important which cannot wait, then to politely interject by beginning with “Excuse me…”

Some people have no qualms about interrupting other people, until it happens to THEM, and then they get angry because someone else dares to cut into their very important talk. Well, I’m only half sarcastic with those last few words, but it’s true though.

No one likes it when they’re interrupted in the middle of talking. So, why not be polite and not do it to other people? We all have things to say, let us say it in an orderly fashion, as befit mature adults.


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