Internet and young children

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Does a parent or and adult person know what their children are watching or searching for when they are online? Time to find out before it is too late.

Internet and young children

A relative of mine, who at that time was a school boy, went once to the cinema. Next to him, sat a middle aged man, who after gesturing to him, showed him a note. This boy grabbed the money and left the cinema, rushing home. When he told his mother such an issue, she frowned and told him that he should had never taken the money. What do you think that man wanted from you? She asked him after having told him about these type of men.
This happened long ago when new technology and particularly the Internet hadn't taken the wotld by storm.

Pros and cons of the Internet

I've read an article on today's newspaper saying that a cyber predator, as it's known in police slang, has been arrested and taken into police headquarters. The man used attractive means online to attract very young girls.
As we usually say the Internet is a great source of information. In it, we can get excellent and valuable information that we can trust a hundred per cent, but there's also information that we have to check on the sources and according to our criteria and level of education, we'll believe or we'll discard it. There's also a lot of rubbish.
On these days, children log on whether it's through a laptop, desk computer, Tablet or Smart Phone at all times. When I see them in the streets with their eyes stuck on the screen non stop, I always wonder what they are watching or searching for. Obviously, they aren't my children and I let pass the issue, but if I had a young child with a Tablet, Smart Phone or a laptiop in his hands and non stop, I'd ask him what he sees on the Internet. It wouldn't be a matter of forbbiding him not to use a laptop or a Tablet, but I'd be interested in knowing what he sees or searches for online. That would make an interesting and useful conversation between an adult person and a young one. Children understand well when one talks to them, holding with them a quiet conversation in which everyone can have a say.
I recall a friend of mine when at that the time of TV as the only way of information and entertainment , he used to gather with his three children at weekends with a weekly TV program of every channel. They would talk and discuss on every program. They would decide what programs were worth watching and what programs were not and the children only watched those programs that had been ticked. On the rest of the time, the children went to school, did their homework, had an extra curriculum class of their choice and played in the open air till supper time. During their meals, their TV set was off, because it was a time to eat, to see each other and to talk.
In the same way that this friend of mine used to do with TV, parents are the ones to have a control of the use of new techonology, but most important of all to find out what their children watch or search online. This is a task that can't be passed to teachers or childminders, but it's parents responsibility.
I once read an interview to Steve Jobs in which the journalist asked him if his young daughter had already seen Apple's new Tablet at that time and he answered that she hadn't seen it yet, adding that at his home, the use of these gadgets was restricted.
Steve Jobs like others like him knew well what they have created and the perils of the use and abuse of electronic gadgets if they aren't under control or its use isn't restricted.
They know that their children are to take over from them in the future and, of course, they have to be prepared, studying hard all sort of subjects and that takes time and effort and young children can't spend most of their time logging on without any reason whatsoever.
The elite members know well what they have invented and the perils of over use.

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