International Dating Services and Their Promises

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Since ancient times a matchmaker’s role in the society has been very important, for he or she is helping create new families.

International Dating

Since ancient times a matchmaker’s role in the society has been very important, for he or she is helping create new families.

A matchmaker job comprises several stages:

1. Creating the customer’s database of potential brides and grooms.
2. Meeting with every client. Getting to know every potential bride and groom, receiving information about his occupation, education, personality, habits and expectations from their future partner.
3. Searching for candidates to suit a client.
4. Organizing the communication process between clients and appointing dates.
5. Collecting feedback from clients, and, if needed, looking for more suitable candidates.
6. Discussing with the client his dating experience, analyzing the dates that went unsuccessfully, providing useful tips and strategies for future success.

Most dating agencies focused on meeting Russian women provide only the first stage - creating the customer’s database of potential brides and grooms. They simply sell you the contacts of girls, who allegedly (the key word!) want to marry a foreigner.

Simply selling contacts without any responsibility for their ‘quality’, favors all kinds of professional scammers.

You can often discover the profile and the photos of the same girl you have just talked to on dozens of other dating websites.

In fact, these are the scammers who are there just to suck the money and presents out of you.

The threat goes further than that: nothing prevents a dating agency to use phony brides who make you spend money on paid services such as letters, calls and translations.

The need to sell contacts and paid services of translations causes some agencies to use fake brides. Usually these are beautiful young ladies of model appearance that show interest in you. They are needed in order to justify the money you paid to the agency. After several dozens of letters and a couple of conversations they usually disappear. The agency has fulfilled its obligations – you have had the opportunity to contact a beautiful woman, and now the agency bears no responsibility for your failure to arouse her further interest. And you continue paying, for you have been so close to starting a real relationship with a gorgeous lady you wouldn’t dare to look at in your country, you have begun to smell victory.

Even if you use the agency database and communicate with an ordinary woman without fraudulent intentions - your chances to find your chosen one are low and here’s why:

1. Generally, an agency doesn’t check the validity of the information provided to you by a lady (it is not profitable for the agency to throw away potential contacts it can sell to you).

2. The agency doesn’t help you choose the right lady for the start of communication. You spend a lot of time to sort out the candidates that are absolutely irrelevant to you.

3. The most important thing – the agency is interested in prolonging the process (to continue receiving your money), and is not interested in the result (to have you married).

Now re-read the list of the stages for a good matchmaker to work on and compare that with the work that internet dating agencies do.

Here is a good example of problems you might face when using the services of dating agencies.


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