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Epikos Church is one church with three locations of the metro area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The locations of the churches are one on the east side of Milwaukee, on the Northside of Milwaukee and the other in West Allis. It is the firsh church in the Milwaukee metro area which have a church with three locations. As other churches usually plants new churches with different names and different head pastors, Epikos is different with the teaching pastor doing the services each week for locations.

One Church Three Locations

Epikos church is a church with two locations. The locations of the church are one on the east side of Milwaukee and second one is located in West Allis. The location on the east side of Milwaukee is located at 2308 E. Belleview Place and the second location is in West Allis and their third church is on the north side of Milwaukee. Epikos Church is a nondenominational church.

Epikos is a Greek word meaning epic. The definition that is given by the dictionaries for the word epic which means as to pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of achievements or events that are significant that is narrated in elevated style.

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Pastors Of Epikos Church

The teaching pastors of epikos church are Dave Tilma (Lead Pastor), Paul Stevens (West Allis Pastor), and Kurt Owens (North Side Pastor). Dave Tilma is the lead pastor of epikos and over sees the church and also preaches the word as well as Paul Stevens who is the pastor for the West Allis location and also preaches on a rotating basis with the other teaching pastors at all locations. Kurt Owens also serves as pastor of the north side campus, he also helps with the shepherding and empowering the people of the community and helps out on the preaching team.

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The worship part of the service at Epikos Church plays a variety of different contemporary type of Christian music. Some of the music that they play are from Hillsong United, Matt Redman, Worship Central to name a few. The worship pastor that oversees the worship team at Epikos Church is led by Micheal Morgan.

Photo credit: Epikos facebook page

Small Groups

Epikos Church is very big on having small groups in order to provide an environment where relationships and resources are designed to foster true discipleship. They believe that with the structure in place that it is possible for them as a church to grow in faith and numbers while but to also be small. The meaning of that is they mean that the church is able to continue to grow by the numbers while not forsaking relational intimacy and the depth in discipleship. It is also thier desire to continue to grow and multiply what God has done in and through them. The pastor that oversees the small groups at the church is Ryan Boyer. Ryan is also the Discipleship Pastor as well at Epikos.

Working In The Community

Epikos church at all three locations helps with the community (like festivals, neighborhood clean up, and so much more) that they are located. The church takes care and helps out when people and neighborhoods and enjoys helping out and shows the people the God is real and shows it not only by preaching but also by leading by example of helping others in the community. Last Sunday of the month there is a lunch ministry and food to the neighborhood who needs it. And the pastors ask if their other people in their neighborhood that needs one that they take one to their neighbors that is in need of a lunch.

Futher Information About epikos

Epikos Church website is a great place to find back sermons of past weeks for people who were unable to attend church or reference back to them to see if they didn't get the first time around when they did attend. You can also check out the upcoming events that is going on at the church and catch thier latest blogs of what is going on as well. If you have a smart phone they do have an app to download if you so choose to.


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Interesting post Clarence!

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Thanks Fern

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Not somewhere that would attract me in the slightest - sorry!

Even when I was a churchgoer, I found guitars and arm-waving to be complete turn-offs!

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Very interesting. Those who are afraid of guitars and people raising their hands to worship God have a serious soul problem.

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Who said anything about being afraid? I just prefer old-fashioned hymns and think that arm-waving is pretentious.

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