Innocent Children Remembered During National Missing Children's Day, Part II

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During National Missing Children's Day, 2013, many recall of the changes that have occurred during the past thirty years after a missing child from thirty years ago received national attention. Thirty years ago when a child disappeared, was kidnapped or abducted, many regulations were not in place. Therefore it made it very difficult for families, law enforcement and others in searching and finding innocent missing children.

Innocence Taken Away: Stealing A Life

One child left home early one morning on the way to school. Not sure exactly what happened more than thirty years ago. But parents only knew that he never made it back home. During that time, law enforcement and others were not so used to dealing with the disappearance of children. They had dealt so often with children who went to a friend's house after school or just chose not to come back home in a timely manner. So back then parents were told that initially they would have to wait at least four hours before any real searches can start.
Years ago then there was not all of the evidence that is available today as more experience has provided law enforcement and nationally has studied more about abductors and kidnappers. They have learned more about some of the exploitation practices.

What Happens After The Disappearance

Thirty years ago, everyone is in the wondering stage about what to do next. Millions of thoughts ponder many involved persons minds as to what happened to the missing child.
Adolescents and some school age children were given what was considered longer windows of being considered "delayed" rather than missing. But today, nationally states have implemented the Amber Alert. The Amber Alert Program was implemented in 1996
to help get the word out quickly to the masses when it was believed that a child was abducted. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children acknowledged the real impact of the Amber Alert System as being a positive contributing factor to the safe recovery of 572
children between 1997 and March 2012.
The Amber Alert System which has also undergone some scrutiny and major changes currently partner with Law Enforcement and the media to speed up the process of getting photos and information out on the child who is considered abducted.

Taking Missing Children, As Really Missing

Thirty years ago when the well-known adolescent male child was missing, there were considered "understandings" of waiting at least twenty four hours. Those involved with missing children's cases back then considered this sufficient time for children who were considered as runaways or wanderers to come back home. Today, angry parents and others realize that this time is very crucial if there are any chances or possibilities of children being safely returned. Now there is evidence that so many abductors can cross state lines in less than four hours. This decreases the chances of locating abducted children if indeed too much time is granted for those who participate in such tragic harm to innocent children. While some of these still open long-time cases remain open, they also have been helpful in guiding and reshaping directives today when children are considered abducted. Immediate efforts are started with large community and statewide assistance. Doors are knocked on, often searched as well as areas considered to be "possibilities. In some cases, psychics and outside help are called in. The FBI immediately joins in some of the cases. Rewards are offered more than ever in hopes that if anyone knows anything about the case they will anonymously come forward and in many cases receive the reward if the missing child is located.

How Long Before Someone Believes That My Child Is Missing?

The time of believing that a child is missing has certainly shortened from thirty years ago. Despite the circumstances in some cases, if there is evidence that there is an abductor involved, the search begins. There have been some cases of troubled children, especially adolescents upsetting the system by not returning home. Some of their not returning home is by choice, which can cause havoc on the systems that are in place. Repeaters can cause extra havoc, especially in the event that these same children my come up genuinely missing.

The age of the child in some cases causes some to wonder if the child is indeed abducted or if with someone known to the family. Younger children are often looked at as perhaps wandering to a neighbor or if a non-custodial parent surprisingly took the child. All of these are considered as serious and the search in most cases begin.

Why There Are Delays in Some Searches

The cases that are high profile cases just happen to be from the State of Iowa. These cases have really called for major changes in regulations, laws and actions that are necessary in order to help locate missing children as quickly as possible. The Johnny Gosch Bill, a 1984 Iowa Law mandates that law enforcement become involved immediately when a child is reported missing. Thus the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was developed as an information and resource clearinghouse for such cases.

A recent case in Iowa of two missing cousins brought national, state and local attention to the fact that an Amber Alert was not issued when the girls were reported missing. Catch -all- there was no considered or known abductor. The girls were found dead months ago and the parents are gathering signatures for a new Cousins Law in support of making it easier to issue alerts and setting up vehicle check points when a child is reported missing. So as progress is being made, there is this one major gap in the Law that can hinder and delay searches- mostly because of legal technicalities.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children- Help For Many!

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children-hope for many! Those of us who are concerned about innocent children who are being victimized and exploited, are so grateful to this National Center for making a big difference in the safe recovery of many of the missing children. They are also involved in many ways with information about children who are exploited. Their websites are visited frequently by many all over the world. Many of these missing children's photos are placed in many places where people may populate. To really keep these issues at the forefront many of the children's photos are placed on products such as school milk cartons. Identifying these children or taking on the hope that
someone may recognize these children just in case they are nearby.

Innocence- We All Must Join in the Efforts of Saving Innocent Lives!

The innocence of children are birthright gifts that are given to children when they are born. It is believed that it is our responsibility as adults to take care of them properly and as best as we can. We have an obligation to God to forsake not these little children, for the last shall be first and the first shall be last. Regardless of the evil deeds that someone might do, and taking away the innocence of these humble children is a human crime, punishable by no forgiveness according to the golden rule. For these innocent children are rendered helpless, hurt, harmed, mistreated, abused, exploited and taken away from those they love. To steal and rob these innocent children of life's pathways of progress, we don't know how many of our medical doctors you have stopped. We don't know how many of our school teachers you have deprived. We don't know how many law enforcement officials you have trotted on. We don't know how many scientists, botanists and explorers you have toppled over their journeys. But we cry out to you to please stop taking away the innocence of loved ones who only want a chance to be a child and to grow up contributing to the welfare of this country- we pray daily!


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