Information Guideline Notebook for High School Students Preparing for College

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With a 3 ring binder and sheet protectors you can take an organized approach to preparing for college with these tips.

Be an Early Bird

You may be familiar with the phrase, "The early bird catches the worm". For those students desiring to pursue additional academic endeavors in post-secondary educational institutions, now is the time to get moving. It's never too early to begin this long and some times tedious process.

With a notebook on hand you can categorize the different pieces of subject items with a divider. It will also make for an easier retrieval when you need information quickly.


In most schools, 9th grade is the time when you begin actually accumulating credits toward your 12th grade graduation. Because of that, this would seem to be an appropriate time to start mapping out your educational journey. The goal is to get accepted at the college of your choice.

Time Flies By

Now while some of you may think that this is too premature a start, consider the fact that students are quite busy with homework, studying, extracurricular activities, building friendships and a host of other things. As a result time seemingly flies by. Would it not be wiser to start in advance to take these scenarios in consideration where you can more easily balance your time schedule? Your information may need to be updated, but having a foundation already established makes it easier than starting from scratch.


If you have any work experience, that should be placed in here. Even if you don't have formal work history you can submit an academic resume with your school achievements, awards received, extracurricular activities, volunteer positions and internships.

SAT/ACT Information and Scores

Because many colleges and universities require this, keep these results and date taken. You might want to take these tests a few times. The more you take them the more comfortable you will be. By doing so you increase your chance of receiving financial assistance and scholarships.


Some institutions or scholarship committees require written essays by potential students. Always keep a hard copy in the event it is lost. You may possibly be able to use the same essay if you are applying to several colleges.

College Fair/Informational Meetings

As good as you think your memory is, don't forget to mark on a calendar these important events. Keep flyers as a reminder in your notebook. You'll be able to gain lots of information and talk to college recruiters up close and personal by your attendance.

Application Copies

Be sure to keep a copy of your completed application. If done online you can usually make a printed copy. This will be a good reference to use especially if you apply to several schools. Similar information is generally requested. No need in re-inventing the wheel.

Financial Aid/Scholarship Information

Keep a copy of these items as they will contain much needed information. This information will probably be repeated for the many inquiries you fill out. Place under the proper category in your notebook.

Letters Sent to Colleges

You will want to send a similarly-worded letter to each college you are seeking information from. It need not be long.

College Responses

It is important to keep a record of responses from those academic institutions that you make inquiry of. No need to duplicate your efforts and waste unnecessary time.

Reading Log And School Counselors

There is a goldmine of resources available online and at your local library. If you want college to become a reality you have to educate yourself. This is your dream.
Make a commitment to read at least 15 minutes a day or surf the net for this purpose specifically.

Talk to school counselors who will probably have some good resources available.

Miscellaneous Items

This is for those odd and end pieces of information that you want to keep.

By following the guidelines I have presented, you should now feel ready to see your effort pay off in more ways than one.

Here's to higher learning at a more comfortable pace!!!

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author avatar HacBao
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

An interesting story

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author avatar Lee Hansen
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you HacBao

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author avatar HacBao
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Nothing .

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author avatar Delicia Powers
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

Very good and timely tips...thanks Lee

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author avatar Lee Hansen
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks D. I have helped several students with this method.

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