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Infidelity also known and referred to as cheating, double dealing, unfaithfulness appears to be on the increase in these times. Modern day technology like the access to internet facilities, apps, etc has made this act easier to carry out and hide so many victims are not aware that the are being cheated on.

No excuses for infidelity

A wise older woman once told me that the act has been going on from the beginning of creation and in some parts of the world, justified and celebrated as polygamy, polyandry, part of tradition and/or culture, religious.

Some religious allow and accept that a man can marry more than one wife.

This article would touch lightly on the excuses I have heard (which I refer to as social reasons) for infidelity.

People have given the most absurd reasons for cheating on their partners. A few, i have heard include blaming being drunk. urges which could not be controlled and an irresistible environment.
Most people who cheat are in reality weak and very selfish, they are more concerned with satisfying their impulses, wishes, needs without considering their partners and all those who are inevitably affected by their actions.

Greed and an Oliver Twist (I want some more) attitude are also causes of infidelity. Cheats who want to access to money and luxuries, they have not worked for leech on to richer people.
Others would use then excuse of not getting attention from their partners, the truth is that you get as much as you give in love, attention and affection goes both ways. Where a couple live together responsibilities should be ideally shared, family issues and household chores being handled by only one person can be time consuming and overwhelming.

Infidelity is unacceptable

Another popular excuse is the accusation of one partner letting himself or herself go. Simply put the "other" has probably added on weight, does not dress as before, not willingly and /or able to socialise as previously, to this lame excuse, I say like a good look at the mirror first and then create the time to talk to your other half about your observations respectfully.

It takes two to tango and most people I know would make the effort to look attractive for themselves and their partners.
For the spoilt and rich with more money than sense, grow up and it takes a wise individual to be faithful to themselves and others.
Values and morals can never be bought with money.

For those who blame their indiscretions on "addictions", that word must be groaning under the vices attached to it. Your actions are caused by your lack of discipline.

If people are not ready and willingly to be committed to each other, then do not start a relationship with a person who has committed to a monogamous partnership.

Infidelity is painful, cowardly and evil if people cannot be true to each other then quit.

This article was inspired by a tv programme, i stumbled upon called "Cheaters"


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
19th Aug 2014 (#)

Wow! Great article! I think you've covered just about every point there is in cheating. It's such a hurtful thing to happen to someone. Sometimes it leads to crimes of passion and that is not a good thing. Families get hurt.

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author avatar WOGIAM
20th Aug 2014 (#)

It is Nancy, infidelity causes so much anguish, i personally do not think it is worth it.

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author avatar Retired
20th Aug 2014 (#)

Interesting topic...simply put...there just is no reason to cheat when one is in a committed relationship...

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author avatar WOGIAM
20th Aug 2014 (#)

I agree Valerie, unfortunately many people do this.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
21st Aug 2014 (#)

Selfishness, lust and sin are just that WOGIAM...
There is no easy way to paint grey as white , except through repentance and turning away from the above ....and forgiveness.
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar WOGIAM
21st Aug 2014 (#)

Very true Stella, sin is sin and infidelity is one evil sin. Thank you for your comments.

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author avatar Bill Harbin Jr
21st Aug 2014 (#)

Good thoughts given here and so true!

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author avatar Salem
14th Oct 2014 (#)

very nice article. Infidelity definitely is the biggest sin you can commit to your partner/spouse. It has ruined a lot of relationships and homes including mine when my father cheated with our next door neighbor. The pain my mother went through upon that discovery is something I will never wish to any other woman/man.

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author avatar WOGIAM
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Wow, you must have all gone through so much pain at that time.
I hope you have overcome that now, i wish you the best.

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author avatar Wright
9th Dec 2014 (#)

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