Indiana Anti-gay Prom and a Maelstrom of Controversy

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I started being really proud of the fact that I was gay even though I wasn't. - Kurt Cobain

A Prom Bombshell

Beth Greenfield, reports for Yahoo Shine: As one knows, prom season is in the distant future, but that has not thwarted the efforts of a Sullivan, Indiana, high school body from endeavoring to form a “traditional” prom gala that would prohibit gay students. That choice has put school administrators on the defensive, and was the impetus for a petition drive. Gay activist are calling for the ouster of a teacher who expressed anti-gay sentiments, and this outcry thrust the small town in the midst of a media firestorm. The genesis of the controversy, was born behind the walls of Sullivan First Christian Church, when a collective of community members discussed the feasibility of an alternative prom that would exempt gays. Guess what ensued next? A lesbian couple approached the principal for permission to participate in a pre-prom activity, that heretofore had been open to every one. That is when all hell erupted. Further, news coverage of the gathering zoomed in on an outspoken teacher that lambasted the lesbian couple. When asked, she asserted that gays served no useful purpose in life and that she did not comprehend it. With supersonic speed, her offensive comments swarmed the social media outlets. Needless to say, gay activist solidified and called for the teacher's termination.

The Calm After the Storm

The senior minister for the church where the group organized to discuss a ban on gay participants - distance himself from the teacher in the midst of the controversy. He said that she was not a native and he did not know her. Furthermore, the minister stated that the church permitted an array of people to assemble for diverse topics. However, the views of the respective groups did not necessarily reflect the church's opinion. A prominent spokesman for a gay equality organization, said the incendiary comments of the teacher may not be a clear case of protected speech. She is afforded her first amendment rights, but a lot hinges on whether or not what she said violated school policy. Also, she could be in violation of the federal Title 9, if someone wanted to pursue that in court. The ACLU has used Title 9 in a panorama of cases, which ensures equal access at school sponsored activities. To date, Indiana has no laws barring discrimination contingent upon sexual proclivity. And it assuredly, does not have any in regard to shielding students. There is no way to prevent this from occurring again - for those bent on having an independent ceremony for bigoted kids. Finally, gay activist are only left to hope that they made enough noise to resonate throughout the hallways of Sullivan High School - for all the queer kids to hear.


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